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Extroversion, introversion and black hole

When we are born, we remain innocent and pure. Our brain remain empty with nothingness and so we remain fresh. But with time and impression of present life, we starts exerting our energy and vibration outside or within our surrounding. The process of exerting our energy outside is called extroversion. And before the age of […]

Intuition- feeling beyond mind

Did you ever turned back when someone stared at you for long time from behind especially at the centre of your back. You were not looking behind. You just realize that someone stared at you even if you didn’t look behind. This is intuition. It is a feeling but unexpressed. Sometimes it is also referred […]

Concentration and contemplation- Osho theory

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientist could not remember simple calculation as he was dealing with complex calculation. When a conductor of a bus returned him a change, he couldnot calculate if the change given was correct. He handed over the change to his wife and […]

Destination disease and modern world

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved In the rat race of life, we are always concerned of ambitions and goals of life. Big house, marriage, children, job are the common ambitions and goals for every individual in modern world. As human, we need shelter and food but the desire to be rich allure us. […]

Learning from Kant Immanuel

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved While I was reading one of the Osho book, “learning to silence the mind”, I came across interesting stories of great people. Though Osho tried to make the audience understand the state of mind but I learned that every big personality has a unique side that can be […]

How Indian cultures are fading with time

India-a land of culture is always known for it’s diverse landscape, culture and traditions. The rich history of India always amaze me. Scholars like Huen Tsang came to India for achieving higher education. The education system was so wonderful that people  donated gold coins to those educational institues with a feeling of gratefulness. Beside that […]

Why aghoris are so complicated

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved Om.. Aghoris and their life are mystery for many. But why it is mysterious? Why it is beyond our understanding? Because for common people, it is nearly impossible to lead a life of aghori. Before we understand that why they are unique we need to understand few other […]

Nammore Jatre

It’s the day of Shree Gavisiddheswara Jatre. People from local city and the nearby villages started gathering since morning for doing their seva and submitting their offerings to the lord Shree Gavisiddheshwara. The whole mutt campus was decorated and lit beautifully. A joyful celebration was awaiting. Many renowned people were invited to grace this moment. […]

Little Rann of Kutch- a lifetime experience

To the pleasure of my supremely beloved Little Rann of Kutch. The name might have ‘little in it but the kind of experience it gives you is mighty big. Located in Gujrat , this unique and beautiful land is a two hour ride from Ahmedabad. I had prebooked a resort here and arrived at the […]