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Places to visit in Amalapuram

Amalapuram is situated in the east Godavari river of Andhra Pradesh. The city has a picturesque landscape, palm trees and temples. It has the most famous temples in Andhra Pradesh. It is the town of five famous Shiva temple and hence known as Panchalingapura. The five famous Shiva temple are Amaleswarudu, Sidheswarudu, Ramalingeswarudu, Chandramouleeswarudu and Chennamalleeswarudu. The city was originally named as Amlipuri. Below are the places to visit in Amalapuram.

Appanapalli Temple

Located 35 km away from Amalapuram temple, the temple is well known as Sri Bala Balaji Devastanam. The temple is located on the shore of Vynateya River. Surrounded by Godavari on its three sides, the temple is an idyllic spot for nature lovers too. The temple is also surrounded by an array of jack fruit trees, mango trees and coconut grooves. Embellished with intricate designs and workmanship, the temple is also known as second tirupathi.

Ainavilli Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

Siddhi Vinayaka temple in Ainavilli is 14 kms away from the town of Amalapuram. there are two entrance gates of the temple, one that lead to Lord Siddhi Vinayaka and other lead to Sri Visveswara Swamy. Situated in a green belt area, the temple is designed in South Indian architecture with intricate design and offers an  amazing site for the visitors. The temple is well maintained and lunch is served to the devotees in afternoon.

Sree Veereswara Swamy Temple, Muramulla

Situated in close proximity to Amalapuram, the temple is unique for goddess sharing the same platform with God. The beauty of the location and intricate architecture are the major attraction of the temple. The temple is located in the shore of river Gautami that branches off river Godavari.

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