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How Indian cultures are fading with time

India-a land of culture is always known for it’s diverse landscape, culture and traditions. The rich history of India always amaze me. Scholars like Huen Tsang came to India for achieving higher education. The education system was so wonderful that people  donated gold coins to those educational institues with a feeling of gratefulness. Beside that it was also an excellent land for innumerable traders. The Portugals in Goa came to India for trading. The East India company came for business. The rich resources and excellent connection of India with other countries always lured the invaders.

On the other hand, the ancient temples of India are built with great precision. It is believed that the Kailasha temple  situated in Ellora Caves is built from a single monolithic stone. If we precise down the architectures of the temple, it signifies innumerable things. If you read the scriptures of ancient India, you will come across plethora of information from ayurveda to spirituality.  The scriptures also enlightened one with divine knowledge. The country is also a rich source of minerals. The spontaneous thriving population in India is fortunate enough to enjoy the plenty resources.

But today due to influence of social media, technology etc the rich culture of India is somewhere fading away. If we discuss the clothes and ornaments, the north of India is always famous for different fabrics whereas the south is famous for silks. Though it is famous still today, the big showrooms of clothes and accessories instigated to merge the differences as everyone wants a certain brand.

While south is famous for dosa, north is famous for chole but today with so many food outlets, all forms of food are available everywhere. Earlier when talent used to be the only source of education, today donation can help one to study their subject of interest. Earlier when it took ages to chisel a stone and make a sculpture,  today technology can do it in seconds and most of the pictures or sculptures tends to be same because machine and human mind are uncomparable. Science always looks for facts and mind has the capacity to perceive beyond facts.
It seems the day is not far enough when there will be no difference between clothing, food habit and culture. When I read history, many times the invading rulers tried to change the culture of people so that it can be a monolithic government. The strength of  Monolithic government is- it become easy  to govern people of similar culture and psychology. Is it a conspiracy of the superpower of the world to drive India into the path of same culture?

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