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Places to visit in Bareily

Bareily was founded in 1537 by Jagat Singh Kataria. Mukrand Rai in 1657 laid the foundation of modern city of Bareily. Bareily is rich in heritage and is also known for desserts and sweets.It is also the production center of Cane. The city also has its mention in Mahabharata as the capital of Panchal rulers. Below are the places to visit in Bareily.

Jagannath temple

The quaint 200 years old temple is dedicated to mighty Lord Shiva. The temple is located right in front of Ganga temple. The walls of the temple are enriched with the tale of Lord Shiva.  With limited access and paved road, the temple is visited by few visitors than its counterparts. The serene and peaceful ambiance of the temple is an idyllic spot for meditation.

Alaknath temple

The site is the focus point of many Naga Sanyasis who are devotees of Shiva belonging to Anand Akhara order. There are four Shiva temples in four point of the Bareily city. Alaknath temple is one among them. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is bestowed with shrines of different Gods and Goddess. Amidst the temple, different animals like camels, goats are also spotted among the crowd.

Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat:

Dargah-e-ala Hazrat is the tomb of Ahmed Raja Khan who is a jurist and scholar of British India. Ahmed Raja Khan is known for his Barelvi movement which fostered the unity between the Shia and Sunni Muslims and the Muslims were enlightened to rever Allah and prophet. In 2014, the Muslim clerics protested against terrorism and ideology of Wahabi sectors.

Army Service Corps Museum, Bareilly Cantonment

The museum is loaded with countless number of guns that are useed in the past. It also educates visitors about the development of artillary. The museum displays the bloodshed conflicts caused by the weapons. the museum contails piles of manuscript that illustrates the gory of war. The museum is an eye opener for the destruction caused by war.

Tulsi Math

Located close to Alaknath temple, Tulsi math is believed to be the abode of renowned author Tulsidas who wrote a retelling of Ramayana and Ramcharitamanasa in 1600 CE. Tulsidas is believed to be the re incarnation of Valmiki who wrote holy text Ramayana. the temple has an open courtyard with a local god placed on a plinth. This is a must visit destination for history buffs and spiritual seekers.

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