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Why aghoris are so complicated

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved


Aghoris and their life are mystery for many. But why it is mysterious? Why it is beyond our understanding? Because for common people, it is nearly impossible to lead a life of aghori. Before we understand that why they are unique we need to understand few other things.

The universe is divided into various realms and there are three realms we generally know- swarga martya and patal. Swarga is heaven, martya is earth and patal is underground. It is also believed that in earth, times move faster than any other realms. Between the realm of earth and heaven, there is a zone of gandharvas. Gandharvas are human like but they are more powerful than humans on earth. They can take any other forms besides human too. Aghoris who meditate for years generally belongs to gandharvas category.

They are tremendous performer in spirituality and their life is a question because many things which are unknown to us are known to them. Creatures unknown to us are known to them. Herbs and nature unknown to us are known to them. Aghoris survive on nature and it’s herb. They meditate for years without moving. Their meditation involves purification of body and even techniques that can help one to survive thousand years.

It is said that our our destiny decides our count of breath in one lifetime. Aghoris have the capability to hold their breath for long time and this helps them to sustain each breath. Aghoris are not complicated. They are wonderful sadhus but their world begins where our world ends. They have the capacity to see beyond our views and opinion. Eventually, they survive for Lord Shiva and can leave their body anytime for Lord Shiva. A true aghori has immense power compared to normal human. It is difficult to find such aghoris as they mostly survive in caves.

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