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Little Rann of Kutch- a lifetime experience

To the pleasure of my supremely beloved

Little Rann of Kutch. The name might have ‘little in it but the kind of experience it gives you is mighty big. Located in Gujrat , this unique and beautiful land is a two hour ride from Ahmedabad.

I had prebooked a resort here and arrived at the property in the afternoon. I greeted by two Peacocks just before the reception area. The sight of which was pleasant and we really felt it was a nice welcome. We completed the check in formalities at the reception and headed to our cottage. It was cozy and spacious with a lovely sitting area just outside of the cottage. We freshened up and headed to eat our lunch. Post our lunch , the thing the we were most excited about began. The jeep safari in the little rann of Kutch! Known for the only sanctuary of Indian wild Ass in India, the landscape is also the abode of variety of migratory birds.

The car started and it passed through the village before reaching Little Rann of Kutch. Few children of the village bid me goodbye while the car was moving fast. Finally, I reach the Little Rann of Kutch.

While the car moved a little, the tour guide pointed out a group of migratory birds. I came out of the safari to see the birds with more clarity. I stepped on the land and focused on how nature shaped the land. For a while, I was unable to understand how the land is formed and looked down surprisingly to understand its nature. The cracked, barren land surprised me with its beauty. When I looked at the surrounding there was none except us and the birds. I felt myself away from the physical plane to a different world. It took me sometime to cope up and understand the reality.

As we moved further,I wondered how nature overpoured the barren land with birds and wildlife. How nature choose the only land to be the abode of wild ass in Asia. The silence was eloquent and the ineffable joy within me was exhilarating. The experience was impeccable but unexpressed, severe but serene, silent but eloquent, exciting but mindful. For a moment, I was spellbound as I had to pinch myself to validate if I am still awake in a real world. My foresight vision found land kissing the sky in the edges from where we stand. Is there an end to it,? Where it ends and how it looks? While the questions played in my mind, I bid goodbye to one of the most beautiful day of my life. The day ended but my feeling for Kutch is a lifetime experience.

But the story doesn’t end there. I looked into its past for nothing but astonishment. A group of archaeologist explored human civilization in this barren land. I wondered in A barren land with minimal vegetation, how a human civilization thrived for centuries in the most difficult situation. No wonder, we are excellent species with a boon to do wonders.

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