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Intuition- feeling beyond mind

Did you ever turned back when someone stared at you for long time from behind especially at the centre of your back. You were not looking behind. You just realize that someone stared at you even if you didn’t look behind. This is intuition. It is a feeling but unexpressed. Sometimes it is also referred to as gut feeling, that feeling is intuition.
In normal situation, sometimes it often happens that you just open the door at the right time when someone is arriving at your house. You know that the person will come within minutes but you don’t know when he will come whether he will come after a second or before a second. Suddenly you feel that you must open the door and the person just arrives. In normal circumstances, we consider those things as coincidence. It can be a coincidence in first instance, a coincidence in second instance but when it happens for third time, it is a pattern. That pattern is intuition.
A phrase says, “believe in your guts to do a business”. May be you just acted on something feeling it would work. Many a times when you listen to the interview of successful people or celebrity, they say that somewhere they felt that they should work on it or they say that they believed the field was for them. There was no guarantee but still they believed. That belief is intuition. Intuition is the leap of faith.
Intuition is a world of feeling. We can’t express exactly and at the same time, we cannot question. And it is higher form of mind than intellect. Intellect is unable to grasp the unknowable but intuition grasp the unknown though it is still an unknowable.
Every mind has an intuitive feeling.

Sometimes it also happen for people that their dreams comes true. They dream in sleep but next day something happens in reality that can be connected with dream. Or deja vu can be an excellent example of intuition.

So, Osho mentioned that there are three things in a being – instinct, intellect and intuition. Instinct arises from body, Intellect from mind and intuition is beyond mind. If you notice, all the three words starts with “in”. So if we break the word, we can say in+tuition= intuition. So, ‘tuition’ means teaching and ‘in’ means from within. It means that no one can teach you intuition, it must come from within.
Intuition is the unknowable part of the mind. The intellect connects the instinct with intuition. So, we just need to cross the bridge of intellect and we reach the intuitive part of the unknowable.

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