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Nammore Jatre

It’s the day of Shree Gavisiddheswara Jatre. People from local city and the nearby villages started gathering since morning for doing their seva and submitting their offerings to the lord Shree Gavisiddheshwara. The whole mutt campus was decorated and lit beautifully. A joyful celebration was awaiting. Many renowned people were invited to grace this moment. Sadguru was one of the chief guests apart from local politicians, higher police officials and Seers from other mutts.

The Rathothsava which is the main event was scheduled at 6 PM in the evening. I went to photograph the morning vibes in the mutt. Since early morning devotees started to gather in huge numbers to perform various sevas. The arrangements for food, water, security, queue, toilets and other amenities were well planned to avoid any inconveniences.While I was strolling in the mutt campus for photographs, one thing that amazed me is the energy among the people. It was a busy morning with lots going on yet there was this subtle feel of joy in everyone. I was there for about one and half hours and went back home after having my favorite idly at a famous eatery on the way.

It was 4 PM when I arrived again at the Mutt for the main event of Rathothsava, the crowd was already huge. I made my way towards a water tank where you would get a nice view of this great event.I sat there waiting for the main event to begin along with local journalists and videographers. There was continuous movement of people inwards into the mutt campus filling up the empty spaces of the huge ground and the road parallel to it.

Within a span of one hour around 5 – 15 PM , the crowd seemed like an infinite water in sea. It was a stunning visual and I kept wondering what a crowd pull it was. It’s the Bhakti ( devotion) that made this happen. I can’t explain this experience in more words as these kind of moments are better experienced first hand. The rathothsava was flagged off by Shri Sadguru and the crowd erupted in sheer joy cheering and throwing Banana and dried dates towards the Rath as salutations. The rituals lasted for about 40 mins and the event was concluded. Imagine this huge crowd uncrowding slowly infront of you.I just kept witnessing in amusement taking few photos from different angles , it was an enjoyment in itself. As the people started to depart the other fellow photographers and videographers began packing up looking at each other with a smile followed by an exclamatory face that reflected the awe that they have been witnessing for this long. The feeling was mutual.

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