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Act again but in a better way

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved Relaxation, the term as well as the practice rejuvenates us. It is true when some one said “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Monotonous work leads to dull mind and a dull mind cannot explore. An idea can refresh your thoughts but to instigate […]

Ghost and entities

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved There are so many theories on ghosts and entities. There are plethora of movies on paranormal activities. At the same time, there are experiences of people who claim that they experienced ghost or energy that is invisible to naked eyes. There are so many haunted places in earth. […]

Concentration and contemplation- Osho theory

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved Albert Einstein, one of the most famous scientist could not remember simple calculation as he was dealing with complex calculation. When a conductor of a bus returned him a change, he couldnot calculate if the change given was correct. He handed over the change to his wife and […]

Destination disease and modern world

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved In the rat race of life, we are always concerned of ambitions and goals of life. Big house, marriage, children, job are the common ambitions and goals for every individual in modern world. As human, we need shelter and food but the desire to be rich allure us. […]

Learning from Kant Immanuel

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved While I was reading one of the Osho book, “learning to silence the mind”, I came across interesting stories of great people. Though Osho tried to make the audience understand the state of mind but I learned that every big personality has a unique side that can be […]

How I order in a restaurant

On one of the days while I was travelling in Jaipur, Rajasthan.I thought of having our dinner outside the hotel where I stayed. I went for sight seeing in the morning and  had daal batti churma in the afternoon at local restaurant. Came back to the hotel after lunch and took rest for few hours.And […]

The power of Music

The fantastic part of my recent Rajasthan tour was the music that still soothes my soul. It is not difficult in Rajasthan to indulge yourself in music. The local artisans remained ready playing Sarangi from early morning till dawn. I saw them performing in hotels or on roadside, tourist spots, lakeside, forts etc. The sound […]