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The history of Goa

Goa, the land of beaches is always known for vacation, beer party and sunburn. The beaches are the heart of Goa. The whisper of the sea always bless one with calmness and serenity. At the same time, one can also enjoy loud music with party at night. Goa is a cocktail of peace and serenity as well as party and pubs. The north Goa is especially known for lot of beach activities like water sports, diving etc. While the south Goa is known for peaceful, serene beaches with white sand glittering on daytime. Walking through the serene beaches while white sand touches your feet always warms the heart of the tourist. At night, the beaches in north Goa celebrate parties, beaches in South Goa lay aside to enjoy the stars of the open sky while the sea water sway around. Both are beautiful, both are enjoyable. But Goa has a dark side too.

Like any other land, Goa also changed with time. Like any other human race, people of Goa struggled too. When the Portugals first invaded Goa, there were exploitation, dictatorship and abuse. There were battles and bloodsheds. The religion played a huge role during Portugal invasion. While the portugals tried to structure a monolithic culture in Goa, many people were forced to change their religion during the process. While many who tried to keep their own religion were executed.

Portugals invaded three parts of Goa. Many temples were shifted from those parts to another part of Goa. The movement of inhabitants leaving their home is always a struggle. While India got freedom in 1947, Goa attained freedom in 1961. So, next time, when you visit Goa, observe if the serene water still tells the history.

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