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The power of Music

The fantastic part of my recent Rajasthan tour was the music that still soothes my soul. It is not difficult in Rajasthan to indulge yourself in music. The local artisans remained ready playing Sarangi from early morning till dawn. I saw them performing in hotels or on roadside, tourist spots, lakeside, forts etc. The sound of the Sarangi  attracts me like a magnet. Especially when it touches the chord of the song ud ja kale kawa.

Many times I heard it from far away and my eyes started wondering. I walked few steps ahead as the sound became more prominent. And finally, on one of those days, I  sat with a local artisan to enjoy the magic of Sarangi. it is like an overwhelming sensation. The music of Sarangi played with my emotions, sometimes it filled my eyes with tears while suddenly a joyful feeling overruled  it. At the end of the day, the feeling is a strange throbbing sensation that squeezed out all the pains of my life. It blessed me with it’s charm and glory. Is this the power of music. Do you feel the same.

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