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How I order in a restaurant

On one of the days while I was travelling in Jaipur, Rajasthan.I thought of having our dinner outside the hotel where I stayed. I went for sight seeing in the morning and  had daal batti churma in the afternoon at local restaurant. Came back to the hotel after lunch and took rest for few hours.And in the evening the question was, should I have pasta or authentic Rajasthani dish again. But before that I decided to have a cup of tea.

The weather was cold and I had to get myself ready with jackets, caps, socks etc. I stepped outside the hotel to check for tea stalls, I couldn’t find any nearby. The weather was chilling and I had a strong urge for a cup of tea. So, I started walking further.I walked a mile but still  couldn’t find a suitable tea stall. It was dark, the weather was cold and already dinner time was nearing so I decided to go back to the hotel forgetting my evening tea.

The enclosed hotel room with AC was comfortable. The time was almost 9, I decided to have my dinner in the hotel restaurant. The restaurant was beautiful with hanging lights. Napkins were organized along with plates and spoon on the table.The waiter was patiently waiting for me so that I sit comfortably and then he will place the menu on the table. I sat and the menu was handed.I checked the menu and started thinking if I should have starters or directly jump to the main course.

After a lot of contemplation, I decided that I will have daal bati churma again. But behold! oh wat did I see there in the last section of the menu.. Yes I can see you.. Ah Malai kulfi.. As soon as I saw it, I started visualizing and feeling its delicious taste, the softness of kulfi, the way it’s going to melt in my mouth, the cold bite and the melting ice.. poetry started flowing in my mind thinking about the Kulfi. Without wasting anymore time imagining it.I called the waiter.

For a moment, a thought peeped in my mind.. Is not it cold outside..? Should I really have it?  Then another thought peeped, please ignore and enjoy it.  By that time, the waiter came infront of me and said “yes mam”. I smilingly told “Please get me a malai Kulfi”. The waiter added “anything else mam “I noded my head on both sides. This is how I ordered in the restaurant. Not to mention, I was looking for tea in chilled weather for some warmth and ended my day with lip smacking cold malai Kulfi.

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