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It was all in my mind

To the pleasure of my supremely beloved

When I was a kid. I had this fascination for horror stories. Whenever I read a horror story, I got too indulged into the ghost and what it does to the other characters in the story. Even during my sleep it played like a vivid dream. The scary moments made me wake up and check around. The scare remained until I got a true sense of my surrounding.Those were called Nightmares and little did I know it was all in my mind.

One day on an early morning a magazine came along with the daily newspaper. The cover of the magazine has this beautiful photo of a lady showing off her back with pleated long hairs. I took the magazine and started flipping through the pages, one of the page had the same photograph of the lady who was on the cover page along with a brief interview. The photograph really motivated me to read through her interview and I began reading.

She talked about her love and romance candidly and how glamorous and perfect her life was. Once I finished reading, the story of her life really inspired me and I began wondering what if mine were like hers, it would have been very nice. But this thought was hijacked by another one which said ” Can life be without sarrows, problems, stress,disappointments and failures “? How could people be this positive and perfect. But little did I know , it’s all in the mind.

Once my mother handed me a book written by the great Satyajit Ray. I started reading through the book. It was written so well that I got into the characters and started emphathizing with them.I was visualizing their stories like an alert audience. I laughed when there were funny moments, I cherished the joyful moments, felt the guilt, anger, envy, grudge and cried when tragedy struck. The book’s ending was a tearjerker. When I finished reading, I could still feel the traces of tears down my cheek. As a little kid, little did I know it was all in my mind.

We are our thoughts, there are endless thoughts that get generated in our minds daily. Some are negative and some are positive. Some are good and some are bad. While some are pleasant and some are unpleasant. That’s how life is. But often we get buried in them, loosing control. We create noise within ourselves because of lack of clarity and confusion that these thoughts create. We need to start paying attention to these thoughts, accept them. Observe and understand them. That way we will have better clarity and eventually understand ourselves better. What you are is all in your mind. While most of us spend hours of time in strengthening our bodies equal attention should be paid to strengthen our mind. Add a pinch of spirituality to our life.That will help us in leading a peaceful and satisfactory life.

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