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Act again but in a better way

For the pleasure of my supremely beloved

Relaxation, the term as well as the practice rejuvenates us. It is true when some one said “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Monotonous work leads to dull mind and a dull mind cannot explore. An idea can refresh your thoughts but to instigate an idea you need a fresh mind. Early morning is one of the best time to work. So, always consider complex tasks during  early morning. Give a thought to your challenges of life during early morning. Because sleep helps us to refresh our mind.

But to refresh the mind, we need our body to be active. Our body is like a shrine. So, to rejuvenate the mind, we need to rejuvenate the body. We need to relax our body to fill the energy in the mind. Enjoying a  beautiful sunset without stress can relax your body, Enjoying your breakfast without stress can relax your body. Every little moments that you can enjoy can relax your body. Once your body is relaxed, your mind acts.
A simple example is when you are thirsty and when you drink water, you quest the thirst of the mind too. So, every single thing that we do for our body can be connected to our mind. Osho said that we should always listen to the body because our body is born again and again but our mind is immature. Our mind can collect things only from present life. So, fulfill the need of your body.
Osho also divided the need of body into two parts- one is the lower need like shelter, food etc and then the higher need like listening music, enjoying poetry. As per Osho, our entertainment is the need of the body but not of the mind. Mind is a vagabond, it is a wanderer. You shut it down, again ripples of thoughts arrives. Mind is very immature.
So, always act on your body, once you act on it, you relax and once you relax, you act again and in a better way.

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