My love for nature, how it all began?

In the pleasure of my supremely beloved:

When I was a kid, I remember how small sparrows nested in the open roof of our house. I remember how a small bird built her beautiful abode in one of the flowering plant of our garden. I was at the age of ten, when I used to wonder that how a little bird with her beak smaller than her knitted the leaf, stuffed her abode with dried grass and cotton so that it becomes comfortable. Being a kid, I was always curious to see the sleeping bird inside. Once, I saw the bird is sleeping inside on daytime, I touched the leaf and she was gone. After few months, she left her abode.

My love for nature grew when I used to get up early morning especially during festivals to see the flowers bloom. The flower plant that I loved most was a lotus plant that stood on one of the corner of my house. During the month of Ashwin, those flowers just bloom. It knows that their time had arrived and they must bloom. While at night, a small mogra plant blessed us with it’s fragrance.

There was also a trend during that time in our school that we used to present flowers to our teachers.  One day, a pink rose bloomed in our garden. When the ray of the sun fall on it at morning six, the pink rose started shining. I was so mesmerized by its beauty that I decided to gift it to my favourite teacher. It was winter and the dew drops on the flower was like a cherry on the top of the cake. It enhanced the beauty of the flower. I plucked it and started feeling the soft petals of the flower. For sometime, I felt like keeping it with myself. But as soon as I went to the school, I saw my teacher and  gifted the rose mentioning good morning. I felt, even she loved the lovely flower.

When I returned from school, it was playtime. A field full of green grass just beside my house was ready to welcome me along with my friends. From hide and seek to running in the field for no reason, feeling the green grasses, feeling the rush of wind on windy days still fill my soul with gratitude. There was a pond too just besides my house. And our neighbor had ducks as pet. I used to watch those ducks swimming in the pond and as soon as the sun set, they return to their abode.

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