Little me within books

When I was a kid, my mother always encouraged me to read books. The encouragement lead me to encounter the world of books- books with colorful covers, stories and characters. I can recall how excited I was when I went to a bookfair for the first time. My mother had wonderful contribution to the same.

Every year, during the month of February, there was a book fair in the city. In my first visit, I stepped into the fair holding the hand of my mother in one of the cold winter evening. There were different stalls- big and small. The lights were focused on the books. There were crowd searching and exploring different books. Few already started turning the pages of their favorite book in the stall.

I was surprised to see how the stall owners arranged the books in shelves from floor to ceiling. Being a kid, I was curious to lift those heavy books that were arranged on the top of the shelf. Sometimes, I jumped to reach for the books and finally when I got hold of one, I turned back and smiled at my mother among the crowd. It was a sort of achievement for me as I was too little to lift those heavy books. While few people wondered why I am smiling, my mother smiled pleasantly in return and finally helped me to put back the book at it’s place.

Both of us hopped from one stall to another and choosed the books that needs to be purchased. While returning back from fair, we had some delicious snacks and once I returned, I used to unpack those new books and felt it’s fragrance. I used to decide which book I should start with. I remember of holding one of those books always when I went to bed after dinner.

Reading was an wonderful experience for me especially before sleep. While reading the book, time slipped my mind and I dived myself into a world of imaginations, excitement and joy. Finally, the big wall clock in my bedroom struck eleven. I knew that I must sleep as next day I had to attend my school but the situation was tricky. I was unable to control myself and wait till next day to finish the climax of the story. It was difficult for me to close and keep the book by my side. I read fast so that I can reach the climax, I turned the book to count the number of pages left to finish. I calculated the speed in which I need to finish each page so that it can be completed within minutes. It was an usual habit of my daily life and there was an ineffable joy and excitement into it. My mother was worried as both of us need to get up early and so she had to force me to sleep. Today, I want to thank her for helping me to unlock the world of joy, happiness, imaginations, excitement and enlightment.

There is another story when one of my friend asked her acquaintance if he feels lonely in life. I still remember, he said ” I am never lonely and bored as long as books are with me”.

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