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Zero to Millionaire business ideas

 If you are dreaming of becoming a millionaire only on the basis of lottery then this information is not for you. Don’t waste your time unnecessarily.

Every human being can become a millionaire. All he needs is the right path and hard work on it, if you do not know how you can become a millionaire or how you can be successful, the below article can help you.

Here we are going to tell you some such business ideas by which you can become a millionaire or even above.

It is everyone’s dream to start their own business, but whose business should they do? In which there is more benefit? It is not in everyone’s capacity to know about it.

If you want to become a millionaire as soon as possible by starting a business but you do not know that which business can make you a millionaire, then you do not need to go anywhere. Today you will get the answer to this question.

In this article, we are telling you some such Crorepati Business Ideas/ Millionaire business ideas. If you like any of these business ideas then start them. And working hard continuously in that business can make you a millionaire in the next few years.

But if you want someone to wave a magic wand and you become a millionaire or if you win a lottery overnight and you become a millionaire, then it is not possible.

If you are really dreaming of becoming a millionaire then you need to work hard and have patience.

But you also have to choose the business idea that will make you a millionaire.

Let us know about some such business ideas which are Crorepati Business Ideas/ Millionaire business ideas which can make you a millionaire in the next few years.

1. Launch an e-commerce platform

Today’s time is of digital technology. In this digital time, everyone is buying the products of their choice from ecommerce platforms sitting at home.

Big ones like Amazon, Flipkart are quite famous in India. But despite all this, there are thousands of such ecommerce platforms. Those who started from a very small level have become big brands.

There was a time when people used to buy products by going to the market, but now the time has changed a lot, people find it very difficult to buy products by visiting the market. They don’t have that much time.

This is the reason that now according to each product online, different ecommerce platforms have come in the market who are delivering their products to millions of people daily. In such a situation, if you also have any kind of product, then you can start your business by creating your own e-commerce platform.

Meesho, Nykaa, mamarth, boat are great examples of this ecommerce business which have become big brands in today’s time.

2. Develop Mobile Application:

In today’s time, most of the people of the country have smartphones. Smartphones are used by everyone from elders to small children. Apps are available in smartphones to be used according to every age.

Smartphones are of no use without an app. App developers are taking advantage of this. They keep on making different types of apps over time.

Who solves people’s problems. In such a situation, if you also know about making an app, then you too can become a millionaire by making an app. There are thousands and millions of companies in the country and the world who have become millionaires by making apps.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Amazon, Ola, Uber, Oyo are great examples of this.

In today’s time, this company, which started with the app, has joined the million billion dollar company.

What kind of app do you want to make that will solve people’s problems. First of all, this vision of yours should be clear. The work of designing the app comes later. If you do not have a clear vision to make the app, then you cannot even design the app.

3. Digital Marketing Agency:

In today’s time of internet, every person wants to earn money online. If a person is already doing business, they want to take that business online but not everyone understands how to take offline business online.

Because of which such people take the help of digital marketing agency. In such a situation, if you have a good understanding of digital marketing. How to start business online. How is social media marketing and online brand building? So you too can start your own business by starting your own digital marketing agency. And can take this business to crores.

This business is very demanding and profitable according to today’s time. If you start with the right planning, then you can definitely become a millionaire from this business.

There are many digital marketing agencies in the country who started their business from zero but today their turnover is in crores.

4. online teaching business

If you like to teach children but you teach offline, then now if you want to earn well from this profession, then make some changes in it.

You start teaching online. To do online teaching, start recording videos of your lectures and uploading them on YouTube. These are absolutely free.

When you get one lakh, two lakh or one million subscribers, then you can also make your own online learning platform. And from there you can also sell your courses.

There are many teachers in India who started their career with YouTube but today their companies have become unicorns. Like byjus, unacademy, physics wala, khansir, vedantu, cumath etc.

5. financial consultancy business

If you have done your studies like finance, economy investment then you will have a good understanding about them. You can also give the right finance advice to other people. So you can start your own business by opening your own financial consultancy. You do not even have to invest much in this type of business.

You just have to do marketing and make your work reach as many people as possible. If some people also like your work, then seeing them other people will also come to you for financial advice.

Initially you may get free work but when you become a brand in this field, you become a big name, then you can charge lakhs of rupees from a person.

In this way you can start this business and make it a millionaire. You will find many such companies in the market  which works to provide financial services.

6. YouTube business

In today’s time, YouTube is also moving fast as a better career option for the youth. This is such a business model that how far you can take it by starting from zero is up to you.

The power of YouTube can be gauged from the fact that big companies are taking help of YouTube to promote their products.

If you have a good understanding about any subject and you like to speak, then you can start your business by starting a YouTube channel.

There are many such YouTubers in India who started their business from YouTube and today they have reached the millionaires. Like Gaurav Chowdhary,  Amit Bhadana, Bhuvan And so on.

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7. Blogging Business:

The business of blogging is connected to the Internet, so the demand for bloggers on the Internet always remains. If you like to write and you have a good understanding about any subject or field, you can start this business with zero investment and earn well.

There are many such bloggers in the country and the world who has become a millionaire by blogging.

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8. Franchise ownership

Nowadays franchise model is also going on a lot in business. After a company is launched in the market, it becomes a brand. So in order to make their products reach more and more people, they start their business by giving franchise to other people.

This benefits both the franchisee and the franchisee. The franchisee does not need to do marketing. Because people already know that company. Your business gets full benefit of this.

You can earn by either making your own company a brand and giving franchise to other people. Or you can start your business by taking the franchise of another company. It’s up to you.

There are big companies in the world who charge lakhs to crores of rupees for giving franchisee.

9. Earn by making games

You must have seen that in today’s time, from children to elders, everyone likes to play games in mobile. With time new games keep coming on the internet that are also liked a lot.

Pubg, Free Fire, Candy Crush, etc. are few excellent example of gaming world.

If you are interested in coding, then you can become a game developer and make your own game, if the user likes your game, then there is no limit to how much money you can earn from it.

Today big companies are engaged in making games. Therefore, the field of gaming can also prove to be better for you.

10. Writing Business

There was a time when it was very difficult for people to become writers. But today it has become very easy to become a writer. If you are interested in writing studies, then you can make your career by becoming a writer.

In today’s time, there is a lot of demand for writers in the market. To write film scripts, to write dialogues, to write drama stories, to write web series, to write songs, to write books, to write articles, to write magazines, to write news, etc.

It is up to you what kind of writer you want to become. One writer cannot write on every topic. If people like your story, books, then there is no limit to how much you can earn from it.

There are many writers in the world who have become millionaires only by writing. You too can become

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