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How to start earning money online from youtube

 YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. Any users can watch video content related to different subjects in Youtube. If you have good knowledge about a subject, then you can earn by making videos related to that subject and earn online from YouTube.

If you want to earn money from YouTube, but you do not have the right information about how to earn money from YouTube,  read this article completely till the end, I hope after reading the article you will be able to implement the same.

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How to earn money from youtube

If you use a smartphone, then you must be aware of YouTube where different types of content are available for everyone from children to adults.

There are different channels such as entertainment channel, educational channel, tech channel, song channel, etc. That means there are countless categories of content available on YouTube which any users can see for free.

But have you ever thought that where does so much content come from on YouTube? 

YouTube provides a wide varieties of opportunities to anyone to show different types of content to its users. If you have good understanding about any subjects, make a video and upload it on youtube. Crores of users in the world are engaged in this work, who upload content related to their subject on YouTube daily. Many earn well from YouTube.

Today millions of people in the world have become millionaires from YouTube. You too can become one if you learn to earn from youtube.

In today’s time YouTube is a good platform to showcase your talent. Your qualification or background does not matter in Youtube. If you have the skills then you can succeed in Youtube platform.

If you have any kind of talent then with the help of youtube you can take your talent to the world. Due to which you will also earn. The most important thing about YouTube is that you can start this business part time initially while doing your job or any other work.

Despite having the most youth talent in India, they are wasting their career only in the desire of government job. Because of which there is maximum unemployment in the country today, which is continuously increasing.

If the youth is not careful about this even today, then it will take a terrible form in the coming times. The consequences of which will be very bad.

That’s why it is necessary that the youth have to think about it. That government job is not everything. Nor can all the youth in the country get government jobs.

What is youtube channel?

First of all we know what is youtube. Currently YouTube is the largest video sharing content platform in the world which was bought by the world’s largest search engine site Google in the year 2006. Any user can create his own channel and upload videos.

Those who upload videos on YouTube are known as video creators or content creators. If users like the video creator’s video, the creator earns from the channel for uploading videos on youtube afer monetization of the channel.

How to Create Youtube Channel

If you want to become a video creator on YouTube, then first you have to create your own YouTube channel. Follow all the steps given below to create a YouTube channel.

Note- Always try to make YouTube channel on laptop or computer only. With this you will be able to do all the settings of the channel easily. Not all settings show on mobile.

If you want to create a YouTube channel from mobile itself, then open YouTube by going to Google Chrome. And open YouTube in the desktop version by clicking on the three dot on the right side of Chrome and clicking on Desktop Site. With this, you will see all the functions of YouTube like PC. Due to which it will be easy to create a channel.

Step 1: 

To create a YouTube channel, first of all you must have a professional email ID  which you have not used on anything now. It would be better to not use your existing or old email address.

To create a YouTube channel, first go to email and create a new email ID. Update two step verification and mobile number for his safety.

Step 2: 

After creating an email ID, first go to site.

Step 3: 

After YouTube is open, login with the new email ID by clicking on the sign in button at the top right side. Which is made for your channel.

Step 4: 

Upon logging in with email, the name of the YouTube channel is automatically shown in the name of the email ID. If you want to change it, you can change it. After that your channel is created by clicking on the Create Channel button.

Step 5: 

Think of a channel name beforehand so that you do not have much confusion while creating a channel.

Please keep the below points in mind while creating the channel.1. Channel name should match your subject.2. Shouldn’t be too hard to pronounce.3. Shouldn’t be too long4. Be creative.

What are the things needed to start a business channel?

YouTube channel gets ready in a few seconds. But if you want your channel to look professional and want everyone to like your channel then you have to complete some important setting.

Channel Logo

Channel logo is visible to the user of youtube. That’s why you have to design a nice logo for your channel which the user finds attractive. Your channel is identified only by the people.

There are free tools like canva on the internet for people to create logos. But if you have a good understanding about designing then you can also design yourself with the help of designing software like Corel Draw or Illustrator.

Cover Image

Cover image is the image which conveys type of content that is being published on your channel. That’s why make the cover image as attractive as possible.

About section

In the About section, you have to write about the channel. You have to write on the type of video content you publish on the channel. Write this information in at least 300 to 500 words.

Apart from this, if someone wants to contact you, then in the about section itself, give the email ID and information of all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It will help the users to connect with you on all platforms.

Video playlist

There can be many topics within a topic or topic on a YouTube. Because of which YouTube has given the option of creating a playlist to show one type of content on the channel at one place.

In which you can do information related to a topic in one place. That way it will be easy for the users to see the content.

How to upload video on youtube channel:

Once your YouTube channel is ready . You need to start uploading one or two videos daily on this channel. Follow the steps given below to upload the video.

To upload a video on YouTube channel, first you have to shoot the video. If you are making an informational video sitting in the room, then you will have to work less hard. To make comedy videos, hard work will have to be done. In the beginning  you can also shoot the video from your mobile phone. If your budget is good then you can also use a Professional camera to record the videos. 

Once you shoot the video, it needs to be edited. To edit, you can use kinemaster and powerdirector app in mobile while you can use premiere pro to edit in PC or laptop.

After editing the video, review it before exporting. Once you are satisfied with the edit you can upload it for public viewing.

To upload, you must first go to YouTube and sign in and open the channel.

After the channel is open, you will see the upload option at the top of the right side. After clicking on which the window screen will open on your screen  from where you have to select the video.

Uploading will start as soon as the video is selected. Along with that, you have to make some settings according to your need for the name of the video, description of the video. After that, click on the 

next button below and set the end screen.

Now when you click on the ‘publish’ button your video gets uploaded.

how to make youtube video content

Avoid putting video intro of the channel at the beginning of the video. Because the user comes to see your content on the channel and not the channel intro. If you put intro in the beginning, then it increases the chances of the user leaving the video.

At the beginning of the video, tell the users what is going to be found in your video so that the user stays on your video.

At present, there is a lot of competition on Youtube.

That’s why it is important to upload high quality content at the beginning of the channel.

In the beginning, if your video is being shot from mobile, then its quality will be less than that of a camera. As a beginner,  you can use mobile camera but the audio quality should be good. If your audio is not good user will not be able to understand then no user will like your video. This will lower the views on your channel.

You can be successful on YouTube only when you upload videos continuously on the channel. Only by doing so, you will be able to get hold of the users.

How to promote channel to grow

Initially whenever a creator starts his YouTube channel, there would be no one to watch the video on it. This the reason why you need to promote the channel. To promote the channel, follow some of the things given below.

Must add subscribe button in the video. At the end of the video, do ask your users to subscribe to the channel.

Whatever name you are making on your YouTube channel create business accounts on different social media platforms to brand that name.

To connect more and more users on social account, make sure to post content related information, short videos or graphics from your channel.

Don’t make the content uploaded on the channel boring. No user will like to see your boring content. Due to this, the level of your channel will continuously fall.

YouTube’s description must be at least two to three thousand words to rank the video in Youtube.

That’s why it is important to bring any video to its maximum visibility. Try to write the description of the video as good as possible.

Apart from the description, you also have the option of adding search keywords. Search keywords are those keywords which can serve the purpose of user to see the content of his need. So always use good search keywords. There are also many online tools for viewing search keywords. There can be paid online tools for searching keywords too. If you have a budget then you can use those tools.

Youtube community guide

If you are very serious about YouTube, then you must know about some important YouTube community guides.

If you do not follow these guidelines, upload content as you wish, then your channel will be blocked. We are telling you below about some important community guidelines of YouTube which you must follow.

Do not upload content promoting violence on the channel as well. Otherwise the channel will be closed, you will also be punished under the law.

Never upload content downloaded from YouTube on the channel. This can lead to a copyright case on your channel. Due to copyright your channel will be closed.

Refrain from uploading nude content on the channel.

Do not upload content that hurts the sentiments of any particular person or organization on the channel. A case can be filed against you for this.

How to earn profit from the channel? How to earn money from YouTube 

After uploading video content, now it comes to know how to earn from youtube channel. 

Read all the steps given below carefully for how to earn from YouTube.

Earning from the channel of any video creator will start only when the channel is monetized. In the year 2017, YouTube made some changes to the monetization policy. If your channel is working under these policies then only your channel will be monetized.

Monetization Policy

To monetize any channel, you must have at least one thousand subscribers on your channel.

You must complete at least 3000 hours of watch time in a year. In other words, the user must have watched your channel’s video for two lakh forty thousand hours in a year.

Your live streaming, unlisted videos, deleted or private videos, advertising campaigns, and watch time for YouTube shorts are not counted in YouTube watch time.

Before the year 2017, if ten thousand lifetime views were completed on any YouTube channel. The channel used to get monetised. But in view of the increasing competition on YouTube, YouTube has changed the monetization policy.

After completing one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time, you can send email to YouTube to monetize your channel.

Before sending the channel to YouTube for monetization, you have to open your Google Adsense account.

Out of the earnings through monetization, YouTube keeps 45 percent of the amount with itself while provides 65 percent to the video creator.

Top ways to earn from youtube

Google adsense

After the YouTube channel is monetized, initially earning is through YouTube monetization. Google Adsense account is needed to earn money through YouTube ads. In this case, you can open your account by visiting the official website of Google Adsense.

Only one Google Adsense account can be opened in the name of a creator. PAN card is required to open this account.

Even if you have more than one YouTube channel, you can link all the channels to the same Google Adsense account.

After opening the Google Adsense account, you will have to go to the setting of the YouTube channel and enable the monetize option by linking it to the Google Adsense account. After the channel is monetized, the more views your video gets, the more you will earn.

Affiliate marketing

Through Affiliate Marketing, you can earn with starting a YouTube channel. To start affiliate marketing, you create an affiliate account by visiting an online product or service selling site.

After creating an account, you will get a link to the product or service. You can find that link in the description of the youtube video.

I have to put if any user clicks on this link and buys the product or service, then you get some commission from it.

Big youtube creators are earning well through affiliate marketing. Through affiliate marketing marketing, you can also give information about it in your video in a few seconds so that the user watching the video can get more information about it.


If good subscribers and views start coming on your channel. Then companies making products related to the category of your channel start giving you sponsorship.

For which you get good amount. All you have to do is give information about the products of the sponsoring companies in your video.

Sell products

If you want to sell any product or service of your own, then you can sell it by giving its information in the video. Today there are many YouTubers in the world, who started with making YouTube videos, but today they are selling their own products.

How to get money earned on youtube transferred to your account

You can transfer the earnings through Google Adsense directly to your account. You can transfer money only from Google Adsense. When you have 100 dollars or more in your account.

Earnings through affiliate marketing are deposited in your affiliate account. The more affiliate site links you put in the video. More will be your earning. If you earn through affiliate marketing, you can transfer this earning directly to your bank account.

Any companies that contract you for sponsorship will transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Top categories to create youtube channel

1.Educational Channel , News Channel

2 Fitness / Health Tips , Tech Channel

3 Motivational Channel , Beauty Channel

4 Lifestyle Channel ,Cooking Tips

5 Personality Development Channel , Comedy Channel

6 Career Counseling Channel ,Blogging Channel

7 Study Material Channel ,Travel Vlogs

8 youtube tips and tricks channel ,dance channel

9 Government Schemes Information Channel , Teaching Channel

10 Job Related Channels ,Fashion Channels

11 Website Development Channel , Graphic Designing

12 Digital Marketing Channel ,Film Making Channel

13 movie and web series review

Some questions/answers regarding YouTube.


How much money do you get for 1000 views on youtube?

Earning on YouTube comes from advertisements. After the channel is monetized, every user who clicks on the advertisement of your video earns from YouTube. Usually YouTube gives you one dollar for 1000 views.

Do you get money even by subscribing to the channel?

You don’t get money when channel subscribers increase, but when you get one lakh subscribers, you get a silver button from YouTube, gold button when you get one million subscribers, and diamond button when you get one crore subscribers.

Which category of channel earns the most on YouTube?

Till now this is not fixed but still if seen, the earning is more on the channel of tech category than other channels.

How much money can be earned by liking and commenting on youtube videos

Just nothing

Is there any limit to earn money on youtube

There is no limit, you can earn as much as you want with your hard work. Many creators have also become millionaires from YouTube in the world.

Do you have to pay for making a channel on youtube?

No money is needed to create a channel on YouTube. Rather when you start earning from youtube. Then YouTube takes 45% of your earnings and you get 65%.

How long does it take to start earning from youtube?

It takes some time to start earning from youtube

For this, you have to continuously upload content on the channel. Only then you can start earning from it in ten to 12 months.

Which is better youtube or blogging?

If you are afraid of speaking in front of the camera, then blogging is better for you if you can speak without fear in the video. Then youtube can start. There is a good income in both.

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