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How to start ecommerce business in 2023-24

Shopping has become very easy in today’s digital age. Where earlier people had to waste many hours by taking out time separately for shopping but now times have changed. Now with the help of e-commerce site, you can order and order the products of your choice sitting at home. That’s why now the e-commerce market is growing rapidly. New career opportunities are also opening up for the youth in this industry.If you are thinking of starting such an online business. So that you can earn money sitting at home. So read this article till the end. In this article, we are going to tell you how to start an e-commerce business, how to start an e-commerce business, how to earn money from e-commerce business.

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What is e commerce business

Online selling of any product or service comes under e-commerce business. In simple words, shopping with the help of internet is called e-commerce. It was first started in America. In India, Amazon, Flipkart, Indiamart, Snapdeal are the major e-commerce platforms in the country. Most products are bought in India through e commerce platform.

Why start E commerce business in India?

India’s population is second in the world. That’s why India’s market is also very big. Therefore, there is a lot of potential for the success of e-commerce business here.If you want to start online business, you can sell your products in the country and the world by starting an e-commerce business sitting at home.According to a report, by 2019, the market size of e-commerce in India was about four billion dollars. While by 2026 this size will be $ 20 billion and by 2030 it will be $ 40 billion. This is how fast the e-commerce market is growing in the country

Select Market Place

You can do e commerce business in two ways: 1) Either you can work in association with the companies already working in the e-commerce market or

2) you can set up your own e-commerce company.

Here we will tell you how to start if you want to start your own e-commerce company.

Select the company name

You must have seen that every company is identified by a different name. If a company does good work, then the name of that company is big. If a company does bad work then its name gets bad.Similarly, before starting your own e-commerce company, you also have to choose the name of the company. The name of the company should be such that it should be unique so that people can remember it quickly. People forget the companies whose names are difficult to pronounce. That’s why always keep the name thoughtfully. So that you do not have any kind of problem regarding the name later.

Register the company

After the name of the company is decided, you will have to get the company registered with that name. No one else can use your name. Therefore, get the trademark of the company also registered. You can register the company as Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Private Limited Company.then

Payment gateway

You will have to take the payment online as well, for which you will have to set up a payment gateway in your website to receive the payment from the customer. The payment gateway will also help the customers to order products on your website without any hassle. The company that installs the payment gateway also charges you according to the payment. But they are necessary. Use credit card, debit card, net banking, etc. to get the customer to pay for the product.

Product Listing

After the website is completely ready, now you have to list those products in your website ie upload them. The products you want to sell online.While listing the product, you must write 3 to 4 good quality photos of the product taken from different angles, title of the product, beautiful description to tell about all the features of the product, price of the product etc.manage logistics. Now if a customer orders the product after the product is listed on the website, you also have to setup logistics to deliver the product to the customer. I will explain how to set up logistic in a separate article

Marketing the e-commerce platform

When you create your own e-commerce platform, no one knows it except you. People will buy the product from that website only when they know about that website and they will trust it. In such a situation, to make your website recognized on the Internet, you have to do website marketing well. Only then people will know about him.To market the website, create an account on all social media platforms in the name of your website and post product related posts there daily. But in this way you can take a long time to make an identity.If you want to get quick results, then you will have to spend some budget on marketing your website. To know in detail about how to do website marketing, you must read our article. Remember, without marketing, you cannot sell a single product.

What you learned in the article

In this article, we have given you detailed information about starting an e-commerce business. How any person can earn by starting his own e commerce platform. This business is best for them. Those who want to start an online business by staying at home. If you have liked our information, then you can tell us your opinion in the comment box. Share this information with your other friends as well. Who knows, they may also like this way of earning money. So that they can earn. Remember that someone cannot be helped only with money, but the right advice given to someone is also a help. If you have any kind of question regarding this information, then you can ask in the comment section. Thank you

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