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What is an affiliate marketing and how to earn from affiliate marketing

In today’s time, due to the increasing inflation, the needs of the people are not being fulfilled by one work. Because of which most of the people are looking for such work which they could easily do while doing their job.The business of affiliate marketing is also one of those, which any person can easily earn well by taking 1 to 2 hours a day.

If you do not know about this business model, then definitely read this article completely. In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about Affiliate Marketing Business and how any person can increase their earnings by starting this business with a job.

In this article we are going to tell you what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from affiliate marketing.

According to media reports, Amazon’s Affiliate Program is such a program, after joining which you can make people buy the product by sharing any product listed on the Amazon website through your affiliate link.

In return you get good commission. You can also take advantage of this business model of Amazon. If you want, you can also earn well by starting it as a business even today there are many such students, house wives, youtubers, bloggers and many people doing jobs. Those who are earning well by joining Amazon’s Affiliate Program. In such a situation, if you are also thinking that how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing, then you can earn money even by working part time.

What is Affiliate marketing/ Affiliate marketing meaning

Affiliate marketing is a medium to earn money through the internet where you sell the products of other companies online. In return, you get some commission according to the product.

There are many platforms on the internet that provide opportunities for people to earn through affiliate marketing.

If you associate with those companies and promote their product or service and get them sold, then commission income keeps coming to your account after the sale is done. Remember, you do not get paid for promoting, but you get commission only after the product is sold.

Some important things to start affiliate marketing business

To start the business of affiliate marketing, you have to take care of some things.There are many platforms on the internet that give people the option to start affiliate marketing business.

To start the business of affiliate marketing through these platforms, first you have to join their affiliate program.
After creating an affiliate program account, you have to choose the service or product you want to sell.

After the completion of the account, now you will get a code from the service provider companies, If any user uses that code while purchasing the service or product, then you get some commission from that product.

To sell the products of e-commerce companies, you have to choose each product and share it on different platforms.

If a user clicks on the link of that product and buys it, then you get commission according to the product.

What are the best platforms to do affiliate marketing in india

There are some such platforms to start affiliate marketing business in the country by joining whom you can earn well. Joining them is absolutely free. You can start your own business only after creating an account for free.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing is considered to be the biggest platform to start affiliate marketing business with the help of which many people in the country are earning well.

There are thousands of categories of products available here. Affiliate commission has been determined according to the category of the product. Amazon has fixed commission from 1% to 12% for its affiliate users.

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Flipkart affiliate Marketing

Flipkart is considered to be the second largest company in India in the e-commerce market. The company also provides an opportunity to do business through affiliate marketing by connecting people with them.

Like Amazon, there are many categories of products here too on which the commission is also different.

If you want to start affiliate marketing business, then you can earn by joining Flipkart.

Make my trip affiliate marketing

Make My Trip is an online platform for traveling, which works to provide different types of services related to traveling to the people.

The company also provides an opportunity to earn through affiliate marketing by connecting people with you.

If any person joins Make My Trip and sells the service of traveling, then they get some commission.

Hostinger and HostGator affiliate marketing

Hostinger and Hostgator are web hosting provider companies which provides hosting facility to the people to create a website.

If any user wants to create his website by taking hosting from these hosting companies, you can create your website, blog site or business site.

By connecting these companies to their hosting users, they provide an opportunity to do business through affiliate marketing for which you must first create your affiliate account on these platforms.

After this you will be provided with a code from the company. If any website builder user uses your code while purchasing hosting from these platforms, he/she gets some discount. Apart from this, you also get some commission.

Ebay affiliate marketing

eBay India is an e-commerce store for selling different products. You can order products of different categories from ebay.

This store provides an opportunity to do business through affiliate marketing by connecting people with them to increase the sales of their products.

You can create a free account to start affiliate marketing business through this platform.

Benefits of Affiliate marketing

The biggest advantage of starting an affiliate marketing business is that you do not need to pay any fees to start a business by joining most of the affiliate programs.
To start this business, any user does not need to keep any product with him. Nor is there a need to make a product.
Affiliate marketing business is completely online. After a product is ordered, delivery to customer is a very responsible task. But after selling the product through affiliate marketing, you do not have to take the responsibility of shipping the product. All these are the responsibility of the company.
You can do this business with the help of internet and laptop by staying from anywhere along with your job.
You do not need to make any kind of investment to start this business.
Unlimited people can buy the product after sharing the link in this business. it only benefits you.

Drawbacks of Affiliate marketing

To start this business, you have to work hard in the beginning but you get less results.
To earn through affiliate marketing, select the product by researching it. Otherwise, you will not get results even after working hard.

If the products of a company are sold through you, then you get some commission from it, but you cannot get that commission immediately.

Every company has a different rule. You may have to reach threshold amount to transfer that amount to your bank account.

Like any other business, there is a lot of competition in the affiliate marketing business.

Which customer has purchased your product? You do not get to know about it so that you can target that customer next time.

Affiliate marketing business is completely online due to which there is a possibility of hacking here as well.

How to earn money from affiliate marketing

There are some right ways to do affiliate marketing business professionally. If you use these methods in this business then only you can be successful in it. Otherwise after a time you will leave this business. You can earn from Affiliate Marketing from below legitimate sources

via blog or website

If you have a good website of your own in which you post continuously by putting content and there is good traffic on your site. Users like your content.

So in this case, to do affiliate marketing through your site, you can select the product related to the category of your website and add it to the site. If a user visiting the site buys that product then you get some commission in your account. Many bloggers earn well by using this method.

Through Youtube channel

If you upload content on youtube and People like your content then you can put the affiliate link of the product related to that topic in the description of your video. if any audience buy that product by clicking on the link, you will get a good discount on the product.

Through social media

At present, social media has become a good means of earning for many users. Because of which they are earning well through social media.

To do affiliate business through social media, first of all you have to create your affiliate account.

After that, after selecting the product, their affiliate link will have to be shared on different social media platforms.

For this, it is necessary that by sharing good content on all your social media profiles, more and more people should be connected. Only then some of them will be able to buy your product. If you do not have many followers on your platform then first you should focus on increasing followers on your account.

Things needed to create an affiliate marketing

  1. accountName

2. Aadhar card

3. PAN card

4. email id

5. mobile number

6. Blog / Website

what you learned in the article

In this article, we have told you about the affiliate marketing business that can be started by doing any business or job, how any person can start this business.

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