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How to earn money online by selling photos

If photography interests you, you may turn it into a career and make money online while working from home. To learn more about how to make money from photography while working from home, read this article through to the conclusion. This article will explain how to make money online by selling images.

If you’re among those who enjoy taking photos a lot, a job in photography is a better choice for such young people. It makes it simple for them to make money ftom home. If you enjoy taking pictures, you may turn your hobby into a full-time job online and work from home. To learn more about how to make money from photography while working from home, read this article through to the conclusion. This article will explain how to make money online by selling images.

Earlier the profession of photography was considered as a low level profession. But now times have changed. In this era of internet and social media, there is always a demand for good photographers. If you have photography skills, then you can earn thousands to lakhs of rupees per month from this skill.

How many types of photography are there

If you are fond of photography then you can earn money from this profession in different ways.


If you are fond of photography and traveling, then you can shoot photos related to news with any news company. If you want, you can shoot photos related to your own news and sell them.

Event photographer

In today’s time, there is a great need for a good photographer in any type of event, party, wedding, etc. If you have good photography experience, then you can earn well by becoming an event photographer.

Forest photographer

If you look at Discovery, you can see that photographers keep doing different types of photoshoots related to jungle animals.

These photographers work in two ways. Either they wander in the forests and do photoshoots of themselves and sell them at good prices. Or work in association with an agency covering forest news.

Fashion photographer

In today’s time, beautiful girls and handsome boys have only one dream to make a career in films by modeling. Those who do modeling have to go through many stages. One of these stages is also of photo shoot. In such a situation, fashion photographers are needed for modeling photoshoots. If you have good photography experience and you also have a good understanding of fashion, then you can earn by becoming a fashion photographer.aerial photographer

Aerial Photography

The job of an aerial photographer is to join a news company and go to different places to cover different types of news. such as industrial, scientific, natural disasters, war or flight, business

If you are a photographer, then you can also work in the media industry by becoming such a photographer.

Advertisement photography

At present, everyone likes to advertise their product or service through digital platform or media. In such a situation, real photos are needed to advertise the product or service. In such a situation, if you have a good understanding of shooting photos, then you can earn by becoming an advertising photographer.

How to sell photos online

If you are an independent photographer, then you can earn well by selling them online after photoshoot.

If you have heard the name of Sandeep Maheshwari, he also started his career with photography. Then he updated his own business and created a stock image platform where they sell the image by getting photos shot. People who need those images bought it from the image platform. In this way they someone can earn crores of rupees per month from this business.

Similarly if you are also expert in shooting photos, you too can shoot your photos and sell them online.

You can sell the photos you shoot in two ways.

  1. creating your own website
    2. By selling through stock photos

Creating your own website

If you want to earn more by selling photos, then you can create your own stock photos website and sell photos through that website. But this work will require a lot of hard work. Only then you can earn from this work. You also need more budget to invest in business.

To create your own website, first you will need a domain name ie website name and web hosting.

After that you can create a website without coding with the help of WordPress.

Selling it through other website

You will find many different types of stock photo video websites on the internet where you can sell your shot photos and videos.

You do not need any kind of investment to sell photos and videos through these websites. Rather you can earn by creating an account for free. Here we are telling you the names of some top websites.


Getty Images





Snap Wire




Deposit Photos


Images Bazaar


Adobe Stock

Points to remember in photoshoot

If you want to sell your photos through stock photos website, then you always have to take care of some things while shooting photos.

Every site has its own terms and conditions. Through whatever website you want to sell photos, first know about the terms and conditions of that website. Otherwise, if you do not shoot photos keeping in mind the terms of the company, then you will not be able to sell your photos.

At present, there are cameras ranging from 64 to 128 megapixels in mobile. That’s why you can do photoshoot with mobile instead of camera. Despite having such a high quality camera, many users are not able to shoot photos properly.

So if you are thinking of doing any kind of photoshoot, then definitely keep these things in mind.

Take care of the focus

It is very important to take care of focus while shooting photos. Otherwise you will not be able to shoot a single photo properly. While shooting photos, the focus detects the face. Now scene detection comes in most of the mobiles for product photoshoot. If you want, you can also set the focus manually. To set the focus manually, all you have to do is click on the screen.

Use the grid

Grid is not a photo shooting gadget. This is a setting in the smartphone itself which you can use to shoot photos. This helps a lot in shooting photos. This is a very old way of using grid during photoshoot but very few people know about it.

Using the grid, three lines are formed on the screen of the smartphone. With the help of these grids, it is easy to focus on the object. To turn on the grid, you can go to the settings of your camera and turn it on.

take photo closer to the object without zooming

When shooting photos of any person, model, product or even in the forest, always take photos as close as possible. Do not take photos by zooming. If something is too far away from you and it is impossible to go there, then you can zoom in and take a photo. While doing photoshoot, keep the elbow on the body. Sometimes hands start shaking while shooting photos. Due to which the photo becomes blur or defocus.

Focus on the light

Whether you shoot photos with a camera or smartphone, if you are shooting photos in a closed room or in the dark, you must take care of the lighting. Without the right lighting, you cannot shoot good quality photos. For lighting, there are many photo shooting lights available in the marketing. The better your lighting, the better the colors of the photo will come out as bright.

The method of lighting is the direction from which the light is coming your back should be in that direction. The lighting should fall completely on that object whose photo are you shooting. Otherwise your photo will be spoiled. Lighting is not required in open photography.

Keep the camera steady

Always keep your hands steady when shooting photos even a few seconds after the photo was taken. If you want, keep your elbow close to the body during the shoot so that your hands do not shake. If your hand shakes even while capturing the photo, then the photo is not good.

There are different types of stands available in the market to keep the camera stable at one place. If you want, you can also use these stands. You keep your camera or mobile on the stand so that it will not be shaken. Photos will also be good.

Reduce the use of flash

Do not use the flash light of the smartphone while shooting photos. This doesn’t make a good photo. You must use natural or external lighting. Avoid shooting photos in dim light. If you use flash at night to take a picture of a single person, then the reflection of the lighting spoils the photo. You can use the flash only for group photos if needed.

Use landscape mode

If you want to shoot photos like a professional photographer then always shoot photos in landscape mode. By using this you will be able to cover more than one background due to which the photo can be made wonderful.

Black and White

Sometimes good visuals come at night. You can shoot black and white photos even in night light. Sometimes there are good effects in the night light which enhance the beauty of the photo.

Keep the default aspect ratio when shooting photos in low light or at night. Like any 16:9 or 4:3.

You must have a good quality camera to shoot photos. If your mobile quality is of high quality then you can also do it from mobile.

You must have a good quality camera to shoot photos. If your mobile quality is of high quality then you can also do it from mobile.

When doing photoshoots, always shoot multiple photos of the same product or location. So that you can choose the right one from all the photos. Many times in the process of taking photos, we take a photo but it gets spoiled.

Points to remember while selling photos online

After shooting photos, to sell photos through online website, you have to take care of some things.

Whatever photo you want to sell, you should have shot of that photo. Means the photo shot should be original.
Don’t shoot any photos like photos which hurts the religious sentiments of others. Photos which spread obscenity, incites to incite riot. Any photo selling website will not allow you to upload these types of photos on your website. The pixels of the photos do not get torn on zooming.

While shooting photos, get to know about some settings of camera or smartphone which you can use while shooting photos such as Exposure, Flashlight, Color Cast, Sharpen, Burst, ISO, Af.
There are many such websites on the Internet for which you have to wait for approval after uploading photos. If any photo does not follow the terms and conditions of the company, your photo will not get approved. Photo shot should always be of high quality.

You cannot decide the price of your photos yourself for selling photos through Stock Photo Company. The amount will be decided by the company itself. Always focus on photo quality, not on photo quantity.

What you learned from the article

In this article, we have told you about earning by selling photos online, if you are interested in photography, then this business can prove to be very good for you. In this article, we have told you how to earn money by selling photos online.

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