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Places to visit in Vrindavan

Vrindavan is an important Hindu pilgrimage in India. Located in the west bank of Yamuna river, Vrindavan is a sacred religious site for Hindus and it is believed that Lord Krishna spent his childhood in Vrindavan. Known for milk products, lassi, rabri and milk are delicious street food of Vrindavan. The place is also known for its sattvik food. Here are the places to visit in Vrindavan.

Govind dev temple

The govind dev temple was constructed by Govind Man Singh. The unlike feature of the  of the temple is it can be deemed as an European cathedral from miles away. An amalgamation of Hindu, Muslim and western architecture, the temple is based on a plinth and one needs to climb ample stairs to reach the hall. The hall is an ornate of marble, silver with a large lotus motif on the ceiling. The temple is bedecked with flowers during janmastami and holi.

Hare rama hare krishna temple:

Hare rama hare krishna temple also known as Iskon temple is one of the most famous iskon temple internationally. The serene, calm and peaceful ambiance of the temple is an ideal place for relaxation. the souvenirs and sweets of the temple is a must try for every visitors.

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Kesi ghat:

Located on the bank of unstoppable majestic Yamuna river, Kesi ghat is one of the sacred place for Hindus. Hindu mythology cites that kesi ghat is the place where Krishna spent his entire childhood, he took his bath in kesi ghat after killing demon Kesi. The alluring sunshine and sunset amplify the scenic beauty of the ghat bridging the gap between nature and humans. The magnificent Madanmohan temple at the back drop  is another major attraction in kesi ghat.

Banke Bihari temple:

The Banke Bihari temple was built by great Indian music guru Swami Haridas who was the guru of Tansen. The tribhanga posure of deity Krishna is the main attraction of the temple. It is believed that it is among the seven temples of thakur of Vrindavan, history cites that Swami Haridas wanted the idol to be saved from the hands of Mughal and is a major tourist attraction in the city

Shahji temple:

Shahji temple is one of the most magnificient temple in the city of The magnificent Madanmohan temple at the back drop rindaban. Known for its   marble pillars and  belgian chandllers, the temple is also adorned with beautiful paintings in the interior. All the deities in the temple are named as chote radha raman  and is dedicated to Radha Krishna

Ranganathji temple:

The Ranganatha temple is the largest temple in Vrindaban and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The magnificient temple is built in Dravidian syle and a melange of northern and southern architecture. The temple offers a number of prayer services.  in this temple people are found clapping and laughing out loud in the gallery of Lord, legend says that their wishes will come true. Ranganathji temple is a must visit attraction in Vrindaban.

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