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Places to visit in Kanpur

Kanpur is one of the industrial city of Uttar Pradesh. The city was founded by king Hindu Singh and was known as Kanhpur. It is also the 8th biggest city of India. The city is famous for leather industry around the world. The city is famous for cuisines like biriyani, kabab and kulfis. Chaat and kulfis are also famous street food of Kanpur. Below are the places to visit in Kanpur.


Bithoor is a small village located on the serene bank of the massive river Ganges and a salient site of holy pilgrimage for Hindus. Closely adhered with Indian mythology and religion, Bithoor is also believed to be the birthplace of Ram’s son Lav and Kush. Bithoor also played a predominant rule during  Indian Independence movement with most prominent participants like Rani Jhansi and Rani Lakshmibai. Valmiki Ashram, Brahmavart Ghat, Patthar Ghat, Dhruva Teela, Iskon temple are the major tourist attraction of this spot.

Boodha Bargad:

Bodha bargad is a burning illustration of  the history of Indian Independence movement when many Indian freedom fighter lost their lives  fighting against the British. 144 freedom fighters were hanged on a tree. The tree is the  testimony to all the freedom fighters who passed unsung during British. A small shoot of the tree is also planted as initiative by government..

Kanpur Garden:

The picturesque Kanpur is located on the bank of the river Ganges. There are countless well maintained gardens and parks for serenity and relaxation in the city of Kanpur. Phool Bagh, Nana Rao Park, Kanpur zoological gardens, Japani Garden and Mahatma Gandhi Park etc. are few of the best parks in Kanpur.

Shri Radha krishna temple:

Shri RadhaKrishna temple is one of the most visited temple in the city of Kanpur. Also known as JK temple, the temple has five shrines and a amalgamation of ancient and modern style architecture. Built with white marble, the central attraction of the temple is the deity of RadhaKrishna.  The best time to visit the temple is during any major Hindu festival like Janmashtami and Diwali etc.

Jain Glass temple:

The name signifies it all! Located in Kanpur, the walls, floor and ceiling of the temple is eminently decorated with beautiful glass mirrors  . The temple is a holy pilgrimage site for jains. The temple also has 23 tirthankaras. A deity of Mahavir placed on a highly decorated plinth and is widely worshipped . The beautifully decorated  murals on the temple defines the principles of Jainism and is a collection of different Jain scriptures.

Allen forest zoo:

Allen forest zoo is one of the main attraction and tourist hub in the city of Kanpur. The forest has a wide variety of flora and fauna that is a feast to the eyes of tourists and visitors. The zoo is in a 190 acres of land. Allen forest is also a natural forest which is converted to a zoo with wide variety of animals like Asiatic lion, white Asian tiger, leopard, langur and mask deer. The botanical garden, lakes, aviary and the acquarium are all the different attractions in the zoo and a must visit.


Kanpur is also often known as “Manchester of the East” for 1000 tanneries located in the city that manufactures a wide variety of leather products. Jajmau is the largest tanneries in northern India. A visit to these tanneries is a must along with the mentioned places to get the complete cultural view of the beautiful city of Kanpur.

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