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Places to visit in Srikalahasti 

Srikalahasti is a town in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. The Srikalahasti temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it was constructed in the year 1516 by Krishnadevaraya- the ruler of Vijaynagar kingdom. The place allured the visitor with its shrine and pristine beauty. Below are the places to visit in Srikalahasti.

Srikalahasti temple

Srikalahasti is one of the anicient temple presided by Lord Shiva. As per mythology, the temple is named after the staunch devotes of Shiva- the elephant, spider and a snake. The elephant or hasti used to bathe Shiva by carrying water from river through its trunk. The spider or shri used spider webs to protect Lord from external damage. The sname or kala adorned the God with gems. The interior of the temple was constructed in 5th century and the exterior in 10th century by the south. Located in between two mountains namely Sripuram and Mummidicholapuram, the temple is also known as Kailash of the south. The picturesque location of the temple with amazing architecture attracts thousands of devotees throughout the year.

Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh and is the only way to enter the Tirumala Hills. The dense forest with a wide range of plants and animals is an excellent place for trekking.  Some of the wild species that are found in the forest area include panther, sambar, Indian giant squirrel and porcupine. The forest also has wide variety of medicinal herbs.

Veyilingala Kona Waterfalls

Veyilingala kona  are Telugu words and it means “The Valley of Thousand Lingas”. Situated on the Sri Veyi Lingala Kona Hills, the water of Veyilingala Kona Waterfalls is considered to be sacred and has immense medicinal properties that can cure many diseases. Many rocks are in the shape of lingas and considered sacred by devotees.


Gudimallam is a small village but plays a predominant role in history and spirituality. The  Parasurameswara temple in Gudimallam is considered to be the oldest temple and dedicated to Lord Shiva. The linga is cut out of a single dark brown indigenous stone. The temple is 2300 years old and erected by Pallavas and Bana. The temple was constructed by granite and later by stones during the reign of Vikram Chola in 1127 AD. There were several inscription in the temple dated cholas, pandavas, bana  period and is an attractive spot for history buffs and spiritual seekers.

Sahasra Linga Temple

Located amidst the serene environment of deep forest, Sahasra Linga temple is named after thousand lingas found in the temple. the temple has 250 steps that lead to the main temple. the peaceful, poised environment of the temple offers an excellent spot for meditation.

Bharadwaja Tirtham

Bharadwaja Tirtham is located east of Srikalahasti temple. the tirtham is situated amidst three hills and considered to be the place where sage Valmiki meditated. there is also a Vinayaka statue and sculptures that adds more grace to the Tirtham

Durgambika Temple

Durgambika temple is dedicated to one of the ancient Goddess of Hinduism, Durgambika who is also believed to be a form of shakti. Located  800 m above sea level the temple is situated on a hillock .The footsteps that lead to the temple are broad and easier to climb. The temple offers a panoramic view of the city.

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