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Places to visit in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

Chittoor is a district in Andhra Pradesh. The Chittoor is a Tamil word and it means small town. The town is famous for ancient Venkateshwara temple, a zoological park and waterfalls. The town is situated in the bank of Ponnai river and was reigned by Mauryas, Satavahanas, Pandyas, Pallavas or Chalukyas. It has a strong political history and below are the places to visit in Chittoor.

Horsley hill

Horsley hill is one of the finest leisure travelling hill station in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. The name “Horsley” is derived due to the resemblance of the hill with the mouh of horse. Horsly hill is a serene place for trekking. The top of the hill offers a mesmerizing natural view to the visitors. The spot also offers outdoor activities like swimming and archery. Children will love the park and the small zoo here.

Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Spreaded across 358 sq km of land, Kaundinya wildlife sanctuary is an elephant reserve and wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary was built when many elephants from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu lost their habitat and migrated to Chittoor for alternative habitat. The picturesque location of the sanctuary with valleys, streams and hills is an excellent spot for nature lovers. The animals found here include elephants, Himalayan black bear, hippopotamus, jackals, sloth bear, hyena, panther and many more.


Kalavaguna is situated on the confluence of Aragonda and Ponnai rivers. Kalavagunta houses temples of historical importance. Designed in Chola architecture  with intricate design, the famous temples are  erected in 9th century.

Gurramkonda Fort

Known for its excellence in architecture, Gurramkonda fort is one of the oldest fort in India. Constructed with mud and rock, the fort came under rule of Vijaynagar kingdom.Later, the fort was taken over by the Marathas, Tipu Sultan and finally the British. It is a must-visit for experience seekers and history buffs.
Nagari Hill:
Situated on the bank of the river Kusasthali, Nagari hill is surrounded by greenery and steep hills. The massive 855m hill is a challenging expedition for trekkers and climbers. The highest cliff of the hill resembles like a human nose and hence named “Nagari Hill”. Nagari hill caters some of the amazing views from its highest cliff thus making it a predominant picnic spot. Nagari hill also houses many temples and often visited by pilgrim.
Sri Venkateshwara temple:
Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is an excellent illustraion of   Chola, Pandya and the Pallava architecture. The temple is located 853m above sea level and belongs to 12th century. The temple is a favorite spot for pilgrims. Another major attraction of the temple are the gold plated dome and the Papanasam waterfalls that attracts many tourists.

7. Mogili

Mogili is a small village in Chittoor district. The major attraction of village Mogili is Mogileswara temple. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple is also known as  Dakshina Kailasam. The temple is famous for its intricate design and beautiful sculpture. The ambiance of the temple is very calm and peaceful. The pond associated with the temple doesnot dry in peak summer. The first day of January sees a great number of pilgrims to this spot.


Ramagiri also known as Vairav Kshetra is a small village in Chitoor. The village is famous for two ancient temples and the miraculous water tank near the temple. One of the temple situated in the base of the hill  is dedicated to Lord Shiva while the other temple situated on the top of the hill is dedicated to Lord Murugan.The tank near the temple is said to have  medicinal properties. The water of the tank taste sweet and is believed to contain all medicinal herbs that helps to get rid of diseases.

Ubbalamadugu Falls:

Also known as Tada falls or kambakam falls, the Ubbalamadugu falls is located in the Kambakam forest and is an excellent spot for trekking. The lush greenery that surround the waterfall is a visual treat for nature lovers. The serene environment with gentle sound of waterfall rejuvenate the tired soul and soars the spirit of visitors.

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