Happy New Year 2023

It was just like any other night when new year arrived. I was watching youtube videos while from late evening I was trying to peep through the window to enjoy the party taking place few miles away from my house. I could only see a portion of its  lawn surrounded by garden wall with lights fixed on it while the remaining was covered with trees. It must be some cafe or restaurant, I assumed. The announcement on their list of performances continued entire evening. Along with the announcement and loud music, thre new year vibe played through my room.

The disco lights of the party were piercing through the trees  to reach the sky. The rays of the lights moved round & round. I peeped  to check the people enjoying and dancing at the party but  all I can hear was the sound of bollywood songs. I tried to dance for a while with the music and then  involved myself in reading books.

It was going to be twelve and I was waiting to peep through the window again, hopeful that now I could see some enjoyment. But before that, I heard ” 10- 9-8″ , the countdown started and before twelve striked, the entire sky was filled with colors of crackers. While few bursted in red, green, yellow, few bursted in golden. I ran out to the balcony to enjoy the entire sky. The half moon in the sky seemed to  add a ray of hope for the upcoming year. The burst of crackers added optimism and hopes in my mind. I smiled and geared myself to experience responsibilities with few teaspoon of enjoyment for next year.

I would have decorated my balcony with lights for new year but then I saw my neighbors. Then I saw that none decorated the balcony except my neighbor on upstairs. I felt relieved. Few people were running for bursting crackers in the apartment campus. They hugged and wished new year to each other. Suddenly, an eagle just flew over the sky. The burst of crackers may have affected its nest. While it was flying fast in the dark pitched night directionless. I self spoke myself and asked the eagle to sit on the nearest safe tree. It flew far and vanished in the darkness of the sky.  While we enjoy, the new year. it can be miserable for other living creatures in the planet- my thought on selfish world.

After standing for a while in balcony, I returned to my room.  I opened social media and saw few friend suggestions.  I saw someone in friend suggestion whose father expired in 2022. A feeling of empathy towards her swaddled me. Then I scrolled a little  only to see the timeline of another friend who got an exciting offer in job field. While I went into the depth of how years pass, I can still hear the sound of music from the party” Aj phir jine ka tammanna hai”.

I lied down and heard the party ending with :hip hip hurray”. The announcement stopped. I got up and peeped through the window hoping that it should continue for some more time. The lights were still on but it seemed  suddenly everything became quite, suddenly everything ended like any other night of  life.


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