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What is beyond enlightment

Someone asked Osho, what is beyond enlightment. As per Osho, the question has answer within it. Osho mentioned that Beyond enlightment there is only beyondness. During the process of enlightment, you experience everything- good, bad and ugly. But after enlightenment, there is only nothingness. During enlightment, you experience the ocean but with peace at it’s […]

Why “From sex to superconsciousness” book became famous

Osho wrote around 300 books but among all the books the widely acclaimed book of Osho is “From Sex to superconsciousness”. Osho mentioned during one of his interview that he had written so many books but the book that became famous is ” From Sex to superConsciousness “. He mentioned that it was read by […]

Why India has no great scientists like Einstein

India was known as the golden bird of east or Sone ka chidiya. It is a country with rich resources and minerals.  India has maximum population than any other countries in the world. But India never produced great scientist like Albert Einstein and philosopher like Kant Immanuel. If we interpret deeply, Mathematics and the theory […]