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How to start freelancing business

 Internet and computers have made everything easy. Where five, ten years ago even educated people had to go far away from their homes to work and they had to face many kinds of problems.

Many times, even after working hard, the youth could not get the salary as per their requirement. But internet and computer have completely changed this form of working.

If you have any skill and you are an expert in some field, you can earn manifold money by working as a freelancer sitting at home.

If you do not know about technology then what is freelancer then read this article completely. You will find  answers to all your questions in the article.

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what is freelance job

Freelancing is a medium of earning money in which no one is your boss. Rather you are your own boss. You work on your own terms. And there is  no other person to interrupt your business.

You decide what time you will work. Most of these types of work are done online. But keep in mind that you have to do the work according to your client. If he does not like your work, then you may be at a loss.

Below we will understand freelancing with an example

Suppose, you are expert in website designing. There is someone who needs to get his company’s website designed. In this case, you can design that person’s website.

In return for which you get money. The need to get his website designed is over, you have got your hard earned money. This is how freelancer has been called in the internet world.

How to earn money from freelancing

Earning money from freelancing is also not easy, like other works, there is a lot of competition here too. But if you have the required skill to do the tasks related to freelancing then you can earn sitting at home.

To earn from freelancing also you have to go through some procedures. The information is given below.

To do freelancing work, first of all you have to create your account on a good freelancing website.

For freelancing work, you have to create accounts on major websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Toptal, Freelancer, 99Design, Peopleperhour.

At the time of account creation, you have to enter your correct name as per your documents,  complete information about your qualification, work experience, what kind of work you do. You have good knowledge about the things you do. Fill the information about the particular subject only.

If you do not know about any work, then it is better that you first learn about the work, only then you will be able to do any work.

If you do your client’s work properly as a freelancer, then clients provide ratings on your profile. The better rating you have on your profile, the more clients will approach you for work due to which your earning will increase.

After the work of a client is completed, he will pay you. Here most of the payment is done in dollars only which you can get transferred to your bank account.

Create a portfolio

There is no importance of your qualification in freelancing business. The client will pay you according to the work you will do here.

If you do not do any work properly then it may be difficult for you to get paid. The client can see your past work portfolio based on which the client will assign work.

That’s why before taking work from freelancer site, you have to prepare a good portfolio. So that the client can check your work before assigning the same. Let the client know how much you know about the work.

If you want to become a professional freelancer, then create a portfolio website of your own on which you upload all your projects.

In addition to your project in the portfolio, add client testimonials and reviews as well so that any client does not have to work hard to understand his work, he can understand what kind of work you do just by looking at your site.

Set a price for your work

You start any work. In the end, we expect to earn from every work. The company decides how much money you will get for work in the job.

While this is not the case with Freelancer, here you decide your own earning. How much do you charge for which project? You can also mention its information.

Here you have to set your own value as per the value you set. Never work for less than that.

This will affect your profile badly. To decide your job, you judge your work experience, knowledge, the more you know about the work. Accordingly you can decide your value.

Build your identity on the Internet

When you start freelancer work, initially no one knows you. So out of the blue no one will give you a project to do. They don’t know about you. They are afraid that you will spoil their work.

To become a professional freelancer, create your accounts on all major social media platforms where you keep uploading posts related to your work daily. So that you can reach your work to as many people as possible.

If any person has to get any work done related to that work, then he will definitely contact you. In this way, slowly you will start getting work.

In the beginning, you can also keep less money to work. When you get a good experience as a freelancer, then you should prepare a good portfolio of your work.

Keep updating your skills continuously

After starting a freelancer business, you have to keep updating your skills continuously. Things keep changing with time in the market. If you do not update yourself, then after some time you will stop getting work and you will be out of the market.

The more you explore yourself, the more you will be able to determine your own value in the market. In today’s time it is very easy to upgrade any new skill. Whatever industry you are associated with,  you can buy online courses related to them.

With the help of which you can learn something in free time while doing your work.

Work done as freelancing

content writing graphic designing

Website Designing Web Development

app development data entry

Music Writing & Production Resume Maker

Magazine Article Writing Marketing Consulting

Personal Fitness Training Voice Hour

stock photography business management

virtual assistant work video editing

Interior Design Consulting People Designing

Social Media Management Photo Editing

Podcast Production Online Researching

Advertising Copyright Online Teaching

Virtual Assistant Work Travel Consulting

Real Estate Sales Consultant SEO Service

To search for freelancing work, you can take the help of the website given below. To search for work from these websites, first of all you have to create your account on all the websites. Only then you will be able to find work.


Fiverr Guru

Elance WorkNHire

Odesk ProBlogger

TrueLancer Simply Hired

iFreelance PeoplePerHour


what you learned in the article

In this article, we have given you detailed information about freelancing business. How you can earn by starting freelancing business. How to earn money from freelancer. 

If you have any kind of question regarding this information, then you can ask us by commenting. Share this information to all those friends who is looking for freelancing work.

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