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Self reflection- dive deep

Self reflection is introspection of oneself. It helps one to meditate, evaluate our thoughts, behaviour, attitude and desires. It helps us to deep dive on our thoughts and desires and analyse ourselves minutely. We can analyse ourselves in macro and micro levels. Macro levels helps us to analyse and know that where we are heading in life and how we performed in life and in brief, the overall trajectory of life. Micro level helps to analyse that how we reacted to certain events and circumstances.

We can consider a small example that sometimes, when we go for something against the family and society and when we fail, our family or surrounding people may not motivate us. They may not support us and may held us responsible for our own failure. But in self reflection, our motto is not to fight with outer world but to focus on our inner world. How to handle the attacks within ourselves? Actually, there are no outer attack but all are internal attack. If we think the person who attacks us emotionally is his or her personality and we accept that than it may not hurt us any longer. Often we feel frustrated with our failure and it keeps on looping on our mind. But we all fail in life.

The universe has the capability to absorb our mistakes

Self reflection

Wisdom and failure

We must understand that failure is the pillar of success and wisdom is in correspondence to failure and setback. Wisdom doesn’t develop within a day. So we must remember that and learn from our mistakes. We must remeber that the big decision in life should be taken with patience and wisdom is taking big decision of life with patience. Learn from the mistakes of life.

However, unintentional mistake is not mistake. So the first mistake is not mistake but we should not repeat it again. Mistake is not a big flaw that can lead our life. The universe has the capability to absorb our mistakes. We will be stronger and matured when we learn from mistake.

Same with success, if we achieve success we should always let the ego go.

Importance of self reflection

Self reflection helps us to lead a life calmly and respond to external forces more effectively. Without self reflection, we can move on in life without analysing the lessons of life. This will lead to do the same things in life repeatedly without noticing if the results of the actions are effective. Below are the benefits of self reflection.

  • It helps us to analyse ourselves better by gaining better perspectives in life.
  • We can be more productive and respond more effectively. We can learn and understand life better.

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