We often come across this word in our daily lives , in fact we experience it within ourselves and in others. Confidence helps in creating an impact. Before we dive further into the topic let’s go through a scenario. Imagine a motivational speaker speaking about positive thinking in an auditorium. All the people that are listening to the speaker might comprehend the content at different levels but the thing that keeps them engaged is the confidence with which the content is being rendered apart from the content itself. That’s how they create impact by being effective communicators. To convince someone you need confidence, confidence paves way for conviction which int turn helps in conveying your thoughts effectively. However, your confidence should have a realistic nature anything over might turn bitter. 

Why do people follow successful people? How do people become successful?

On a broader sense the answers might be different but the common factor that exists in all the successful people is their self belief.  When you believe in your self, you become confident once you become confident, things will fall in place for you. This might sound exaggerated but essentially in some way, confidence helps in achieving your goals. 

Mind is a factory of unlimited thoughts. We are in fact what we think

How do we become confident?

Confidence is within us. When we learn things, we gain knowledge, when we use knowledge we become wise. But to be wise one should have confidence in him/herself. Confidence comes when our knowledge is validated. Let’s imagine, you prepare for an exam in your school, you study well, learn all the topics. When you finish all the topics well before the exam, you will become confident to write the exam but to validate how realistic is your confidence you would have to wait till your results come. When you score well in the exam as you expected your confidence gets a boost. That’s how the confidence sustains in us. It constantly needs to be validated in reality. The same rationale applies in all other aspects of our professional or personal life. We become confident by trusting ourselves. 

Why do some people struggle and are not confident?

There are many reasons and it depends on the person itself. There is no one answer. But fundamentally it all comes to the mindset of the individual. If a person has self doubt and fear of failure confidence gets suppressed. You need to believe in yourself, your learnings, your knowledge everything you have in your intellect. Validate yourself continuously , speak your mind openly without any fear. Stop comparing yourself with others because that might make you inferior and subconsciously you will be clouded by negative thoughts. Your mind is a factory of unlimited thoughts, its upto you what kind of thoughts you chose to manufacture. Positive thoughts make you optimistic and confident whereas negative thoughts hinder your potential. 

So, look within yourself, continuously evaluate, learn and unlearn things, be positive, stay focused on your goals no matter what obstacles you encounter on your journey. If you are confident, its imminent that you unleash your true potential. 

-Pavan Kulkarni (photographer and motivator)

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