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How to stop expecting from others

In this world of competition and people changing due to external triggers, it is difficult to trust people immediately and expect from them. Expectations comes only when you trust people. Faith and trust are the two important things in a relationship. Expectations comes only when there is trust that the other person will address your concerns. So if there is no trust, there is no expectations.

The other point is how to not expect but trust people. As per my opinion. it is difficult as per human psychology.

Expectations can be regarding everything and we may feel that life is not going as we are expecting. Maximum yield or contribution in world can only be done without expectations. Expectations can limit us from our maximum capability.

So here are the ways of not expecting from people.

  1. It is not necessary for every people to listen to what we always speak. There can always be disappointment as others have their own opinions and views. So, always try to convince others with data, research and facts. Do not expect from others unless you try it by your own.
  2. It is important for every people to understand that they need to fix their own things in life. Nobody will help to climb the ladder of life. It is our own individual journey. As Sadhguru says. even birds, elephants and ants are doing something. The whole existence performs on what it can do. So let’s work on what we can do and not what we cannot do.
  3. We should enable and capable ourselves for doing our own things and this will help to stop expecting from others.
  4. It is not necessary that everyone will make you a priority. We should detach yourself from certain situations. The universe will not change for us. We should learn to accept the reality and then we can detach ourselves from certain situations when it failed to fulfill our expectations.
  5. As soon as we start accepting that we have expectations than it can also balance the emotions.As per psychology, expectations can be compulsive thoughts. Our thoughts gets tangled with emotions and it results in conflict. Emotions should be allowed rather than restrict. So, we should allow the thought but our happiness should not rely on expectation nowadays.
  6. Expectations can lead to conflict in life as people blame each other for fulfilling their expectations. So we must learn to accept each other and it will help to lead a smooth life.

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