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How to earn money online from dropshipping

If you want to start any online business sitting at home without buying any product from the market, then dropshipping business is one of them. But very few people are aware of the dropshipping business model.

Though dropshipping business is very famous in foreign countries, there are very few Indians doing this business . Hence , there is a lot of space to grow in dropshipping business as it is not so competitive and well known like other business.

Generally you have to buy a product in wholesale or manufacture a product to sell any product. But with the advent of digital technology, the way of doing business has completely changed.

Now you can sell any product without buying it.

What is dropshipping

Dropshipping is an online business model where you do not need to buy any product.

A person in dropshipping business does not need to buy any product and keep it in the store to sell and earn. S/he can earn a good profit by selling any product without buying it.

In drop shipping business, when any customer orders a product on an online e-commerce store, the information is shared with the person doing drop shipping business.

Now you have to send the order information to the product supplier. The supplier packs and delivers the product.

You have to decide the rate at which you want to sell the product to the customer. You have to fix the price higher than the supplier’s product rate and show it to the customer. It is up to you how much margin you want to keep on the product. In this way you can earn by selling the product.

Benefits of dropshipping

There are many advantages of starting a dropshipping business about which we have explained in detail below.

You do not need any kind of degree diploma to start this online business. You can start this business by learning digital marketing. This business model is quite simple.
Dropshipping business can be started in a low budget and if you are searching for a low investment business then drop shipping business can be better for you. You can start this business with at least two to three thousand rupees a month.

That’s why the risk in this business is also very less. If you fail after starting this business, then you will not suffer much loss like other business. Dropshipping business is a pocket friendly business.

You can do Dropshipping Business as a part time business with your studies as well as job.
To start the business, you do not need to buy products and store them somewhere. All you have to do is visit online wholesale sites, or manufacturer sites and contact them.

In the beginning, you can start this business with your pocket money only in fun.
You are not responsible for the handling and delivery of the product.
In this business, you can sell from small products to big products with less investment.
You can start Dropshipping Business from a small office with laptop or computer.
This business is a good option for women. Because women can do their own business with their household work.

How dropshipping business works

In dropshipping business you are not the owner of the product but you sell others product. In this business you just open your online product store. You have to list products from different sites on your store.

After listing the product on the store, you also have to decide the price of the product. Whatever orders come now. You have to send his information to the supplier.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to deliver the product. You act as a sort of middleman between the customer and the supplier where you have to fix some commission on the product, that is your earning.

How to earn through dropshipping

After creating an online store in Dropshipping Business, you have to get the details of the product from the supplier. Once you know the price of the product, you can fix your commission by increasing the price of the product.

For example: if the supplier is quoting Rs.100 for the product then after listing that product on your online store, you can keep the rate of the same product between 130 to 150. In this way you can earn 30, 40 rupees on one day, So, if you sell ten products a day, that is a big deal. You can earn:

40 X 10 = 400 rupees earn

How to choose a dropshipper supplier

Always choose a good product supplier or else your business will end before it starts. If a supplier sends a defective product to a customer then it will spoil the record of your store. In such instances, you may need to close your store before your business starts. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing a product supplier so that you don’t get into trouble later.

Dropshipping supplier

Drop shipping business cannot be done without a product supplier. That’s why you need to have the right information about the supplier. Otherwise it may impact your business.

In dropshipping business, the supplier is a person who has products in wholesale and sells products through the website.
Whatever product you want to sell in dropshipping business, first you have to contact the wholesale supplier of that product online.

After contacting, you have to take all kinds of information related to the product like what is the rate of the product, analyse the quality of the product. If you place the order of the product to the supplier, then in how many days the product is delivered.
After the deal of the product with the supplier, the dropshipper has to list those products on his online store with a photo and detail of the product. Now as soon as a customer orders a product by visiting the online store, you will be supplied the customer’s information. Now the job of the supplier is to pack and deliver the product through your store. You will be the middleman between supplier and customer.

Select registering dropshipper

When you start dropshipping business, you will get many suppliers but you have to deal with those suppliers. who are registered. The suppliers who are not registered means they are not doing this business seriously. So avoid such supplier.

Check product

Whatever product you are going to buy and sell online from the supplier, first check them thoroughly. If you find the quality of the product right then only deal with the supplier. Quality should be the topmost priority in business.

If you deal with a supplier selling bad products then you will fail to serve the right product to the customer. This will impact your business and the customer will have a bad relationship with your store.

Contact More Dropshipper Suppliers

To start dropshipping business, you have to search for multiple supplier. Go through the information of the supplier online.

Contact the supplier first before buying products directly from suppliers. Take the product from the supplier who gives faster delivery and high quality.
Buy them products from suppliers who give you good returns on high quality products.

Easy return policy

If a customer does not like the product, s/he should be able to apply for replacement of product. Therefore, whenever you contact a product supplier, know in advance about the product replacement policy.

If any supplier refuses to replace the product, then avoid taking the product from him. Buy products from suppliers whose return policy is easy so that your customer does not have trouble in replacing the product.

Remember, in dropshipping business, if a customer does not like the product, then it spoils the name of your store. Customers do not know your supplier and it is your responsibility to choose right supplier.

Store setup fees

In Dropshipping Business, you will find many such product suppliers who claim themselves to be certified suppliers but they are not. They charge a fee for setting up an account from the dropshipper. If any supplier asks for money from you, don’t give him any kind of fees.

Which products are sold in dropshipping?

In dropshipping business, you can earn good profit by selling products of many categories.

computer accessories beauty products
Mobile Accessories Generic Medicines
Electronics Items Plastic Items
Car , Bike Accessories Sports Products
kitchen item grocery product
health product gift product
furniture kids toys
Books Women’s, Men’s, Kids’ Clothing

How to start dropshipping business

Dropshipping business can be done in two ways.

Creating your own website

By linking to an online e-commerce website
start a dropshipping Business by creating Your Own Website
You can also start a dropshipping business by creating your own e-commerce store. To create your own e-commerce store, you have to buy domain, hosting. After that you can design your store with the help of WordPress.

Advantages associated with opening your own online store

If you open your own online store, then its control is in your hands. You can design your store as per your requirement. You don’t have to depend on others for designing or changing other things.

If you create your own online store, then it creates the identity of your store. The way people know Amazon, Flipkart, similarly, your store will also be recognized in the market.

Once the store is created, you do not need to pay any fees to any third party.

Disadvantages associated with opening your own online store

After creating your own dropshipping store, you have to work hard to market your store for which it takes a lot of time. You have to build a credibility in market which takes time. Nowadays customers are afraid of buying products with new store names due to scam and fraud. The website design of your store should be attractive so that customer like your store.

Marketing of Dropshipping store

After creating your own online store, you have to market your store so that people becomes aware of your website. That’s why you have to spend time for marketing the dropshipping store. Remember that you have to keep a separate budget for marketing the store. It can take a long time to build your store’s identity without spending on marketing. Till then you will not be able to keep your own business stable. You can use Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Google Advertising to do marketing of the store.

How to open a dropshipping store with a website

To start dropshipping business with a third party website, you can create your own online store by following some steps.

Product selection

You have to research the product before you sell the product to the customers. Do a research on the product to understand the customer preference and products bought more during online shopping. If you choose such a product,you can earn more profit. If people do not want to buy your product or product with lesss preference are in your store then it can harm you. You can use online tools to search for product demand. Research your competitor’s stores.

After selecting the product, do research about the stores that are already selling the product of your choice. so that you can understand the things you will need to set up in your store. You will understand how to keep the design of the store. You can learn a lot from your competitor’s store.

Create a store on Shopify

Shopify’s services are quite simple in the drop shipping business model. The store provides a lot of convenience to the dropshipper. Creating a store with Shopify is very easy. Most dropshipping stores are built through Shopify. Because its features are very good. To create an online store through Shopify, you have to follow some steps.

Buy a Shopify plan

There are three plans for building an online store on Shopify. You can make a store by taking any one plan as per your convenience.

Basic 29$
Shopify 79$
Advanced 299$
Buy domain.
After taking the plan of Shopify Store, you will need a domain name ie store name that you can buy from godaddy.

Design the store

After purchasing the store plan and domain name, you need to design the store. You will get a pre-designed theme to design the store which are both free and paid. Paid theme design is better than free theme and you can customize the theme design accordingly.

Add payment gateway

If a customer comes to your store and orders the product, he has to make payment to order the product. So in order to receive payment, you have to add payment gateway on your store.

To receive payment, you have to provide all kinds of facilities to your customer such as UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Phone Pay, Google Pay, etc. so that the customer does not face any problem during payment.

Import the product

After the store is ready, you have to import the product in the store. You can use Aliexpress to import products. Apart from this, you can also use alidropship and oberlo extension to import products.

Write a product description

After importing the product to your store, you have to write the title of the product and a good description about the product. It will attract the product to the customer. Apart from this, put good four to five photos of the product which have been taken from different angles.

Benefits of Starting a Dropshipping Business with Shopify

With Shopify, you can start your own business with little investment. Those youths who are looking for a good business in a low budget can earn by creating their own store on Shopify.

You do not need to store the product with you to sell the product.It’s easy to set up a store and handle a business with Shopify.

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