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How to Earn money from data entry job

All of you must have never heard the name of data entry job. After doing 12th, many students after doing the basic course of computer get engaged in the job of data entry in some company where they get ten to 12 thousand rupees easily in the beginning. 12 th pass students can do this work very easily.

Now people can earn through data entry even sitting at home. If you also want to earn by sitting at home through data entry, then read this article till the end. In this article, we are going to tell you how to earn money from online data entry.

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What is a data entry job?

Hearing the name of data entry, everyone comes to know that in this work some type of data has to be entered in the computer. In data entry job, a list or image or information of some product is provided which has to be entered correctly by typing through the computer.

While typing, you have to keep in mind that what you are typing is not wrong, because due to your one mistake, the calculation can go wrong.

Skills required for online data entry

To do data entry work sitting at home, you must have the following arrangements then only you can earn through online data entry.

  1. Must be able to read and write English
    2. Must have basic computer knowledge.
    3. You should have good Hindi and English typing speed.
    4. You must have one of your own laptop or computer.
    5. Must have internet connection.
    6. You should have good understanding of MS Excel, Tally, Google Slides or MS Word.
    7. bank account

How to Earn money from online data entry

There are different types of data entry. You have to see what type of data entry you want to earn. What are the types of data entry? How many types of data entry you can earn through. Its details are given below in detail.

Captcha Entry Data Entry

There is a lot of work related to Captcha Entry in data entry. In this type of data entry, you are given a captcha code of 10 to 15 words on the screen which are in Alphabet and Numbers. You have to type these words. Anyone can do this work from both computer and mobile.

Snippet Entry Data Entry

Candidate doing Snippet Data Entry has to fill a form. This work is somewhat similar to captcha data entry. In this, you have to fill in ten to 15 entry forms and submit them. You must have a computer or laptop to do this type of data entry.

Form Filling data entry

In the work of Form Filling data entry, some entries have to be filled in the form. These forms are larger than the snippet entry form. In this entry, about 25 to 30 entries have to be filled in a form. You get paid according to the number of entries you make. You get nothing on making a mistake entry.

Image Data entry

In this type of data entry you are given some images from which you have to collect information and type it in the computer. The better your typing speed, the more entries you can make due to which your earning will also be more. You can do this work either full time or part time.

You must have a laptop or computer to make this type of entry. Apart from this, you should have a good understanding of MS Excel, MS Word, Tally or other data entry software.

Page Typing

In this work, you have to enter the data of any image or hard paper in the computer. In page typing, you get paid according to the page. You get paid according to the number of pages you type. Your typing speed should be good for page typing. You will not get anything for wrong typing.
You must have a computer to make this work. Also should have a good understanding of some basic tools MS Word, Google Docs, MS Excel etc.

Word Processor or Typist

These are also data entry related jobs. Those doing this type of work have to send mail and prepare reports. To do this type of work one should have good command over English language. And he also should be able to type with speed.

Also should have good understanding of some basic tools MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point. You can easily earn 400 to 500 rupees a day with this data entry job.

Earn money by cleaning data

In this work, you only have to correct the wrong data by finding it. This work is also called scrubbing. To do this job you should have good knowledge of basic computer and basic tools like MS Word MS Excel.

By doing this work, you can earn from 500 to one thousand or even more daily. Initially your earning will be less but when you get good experience then you can earn well.

Survey Jobs Data Entry

Surveys are very important in online business. That’s why at present people are earning well by doing online surveys. You can also earn from survey jobs by doing online surveys.

To earn from online survey first you have to answer some questions only after that you can earn. The more surveys you do, the more your earnings will be.

You will find many survey websites on the internet where you can earn by searching the work related to online survey. You can do this work from both mobile and laptop.

Convert Image to Text Data Entry

There is also a good job of typing the data written on the image in the tractor in data entry. In this task you are given images on which some words are written. You have to type those words in the tool provided by the company.

You must have good English to do this job. The more images you work on, the more your earnings will be. However, your money will be deducted for wrong typing.

Earn money by converting audio to text

At present, the demand for video content is increasing. You must have seen many videos like this in which the spoken words appear at the bottom of the screen as the speaker speaks.

Data entry people do the work of listening to these words and converting them into text. In such a situation, you can also earn by listening to audio or video and typing spoken words. There are many such sites on the internet where you will find a lot of such work.

You have to do this work very carefully. So that you do not type any words wrongly. In this work, you get 5 to 10 dollars for an audio.
If you work on two to three videos daily then you can earn from 1500 to 2000 a day.

Benefits of Data Entry Work

There is no recognition of your degree in this job.
If you are also 10th / 12th pass then you can do data entry work
All you have to do is basic computer course. After that you can do data entry work.
You can do this work part time or full time.
Also, You can do data entry work from both office or home.
You can do this work at any time. You just have to let the work get done.
Any student can do this work while doing job and women doing household chores.
Data entry work is better to earn separately in part time while doing any of your work.

Points to remember in data entry work.

If you are thinking of earning money by doing online data entry then you should know some things first otherwise you may face losses.

While searching for online data entry job, you have to do research about the website. There are also a lot of fraud websites related to data entry work on the internet, which by entangling people in big things, they get the work done but do not pay. You have to take care of this too.
After working many times, you do not get money on time, unless the company is completely satisfied with your work, then they do not pay.
If someone is talking about giving more money to reduce you. So you should avoid such website. Such websites can be fraud.
If someone is asking you for any kind of charge before working, then you should stay away from such website.
Sometimes you have to do more work but you get less money. But you don’t have to worry about it. You may have to do this in the beginning. When you have experience then you will get the benefit of it.
Keep in mind that your money can be deducted for wrong entry while entering data, so do the work carefully.

Top websites to search for data entry jobs

We are telling you about some of the top websites to search for data entry work from home. To search for work here, first create your account with the help of email.

If you have data entry experience, then create your own portfolio and upload it too. It shows that you have work experience.


What did you learn about data entry business in the article

In this article, we have explained in detail to you how to earn from work related to online data entry sitting at home. If you do not have any type of degree, then you can do this work sitting at home. You just have to learn the basic skills of computer.

If you have liked our information, then you must tell us your opinion in the comment box. If you have any kind of question regarding this information, then you can ask in the comment section.

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