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Burari Murder case and tantra

Burari Murder case is one of the most tragic incident and it shook-up the entire country in 2018. The incident followed the death of 11 members of a family. All the members hanged themselves at night with the belief that they will be saved by spirit. When the police explored the crime scene, they found that there were rituals performed on the day of suicide. After scrutinizing the crime scene, the diaries extracted were the eye opener to the police. When police started reading the diaries, they found that Lalit, one of the member of the family started writing the diary since 2007 right after the death of his father.

The diaries had a set of instruction on how to lead a life with discipline and punctuality. And the instructions seems to be directed by Lalit’s father while Lalit wrote the diary. It also mentions when the spirit would come back and list the instruction for further process. Before they hanged themselves, they were instructed to perform rituals for last seven days and on the day of the death, the spirit promised to save them after they hang themselves. It promised that the pain of death would only be for fifteen to thirty minutes and then the spirit would save them. The spirit also instructed them to hang themselves in zero mind consciousness. In the process of hanging, while Lalit helped other family members to hang, he hanged himself lastly.

The police concluded it as accidental death as all family members had a hope to escape death even after hanging.

Many concluded the case as superstition and psychological issues that can be true. But the case also has a part of Tantra. The crime scene had clues of rituals and Tantra performed. Tantra is a spiritual practice that needs rigorous practice as well as self discipline. Mantra give rise to prana while Tantra means spiritual practice that involves body and mind. Though Tantra is beautiful and speed up the process of spirituality and Sadhana, it can be dangerous too. During Tantra, one needs to understand the entities they come across before reaching highest spiritual level. There are good and bad entities and one needs to identify the good as well as bad entities. So, one needs a guru or mentor who can guide the tantric practice.

Lalit’s family was blessed with wealth from 2007 right after death of his father and the entity gained a trust from Lalit after it bestowed wealth. One must remember, in spirituality wealth can be a negative factor though it is important in leading life. This is an example of how entities gain trust from human.

After bestowing wealth, the entity instructed them to give up their life and they did it ignorantly. Though the diaries mentioned that the instructions is from Lalit’s father but it can also be an evil entity who mimic the entity of his father. The universe is a multiverse and no one knows the number of entities they can come across during spiritual practice.

Hence, rigorous spiritual practice should be done carefully. One must be careful and take guidance from guru before enhancing their spiritual level.

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