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Best social media plugins for wordpress

Social media plugins for WordPress have revolutionized the way websites and blogs engage with their audience in the digital age. These invaluable tools seamlessly integrate popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more into WordPress websites, allowing users to easily share content, follow social profiles, and interact with the site’s content. Whether it’s through customizable sharing buttons, embedded feeds, or auto-posting capabilities, social media plugins empower website owners to enhance their online presence, increase visibility, and foster meaningful connections with their audience. In this ever-connected world, social media plugins for WordPress are indispensable for any website looking to stay relevant, share content effortlessly, and expand its online reach. Here are some of the best social media plugins for wordpress.

Jetpack by

The Jetpack Social Media Plugin for WordPress is a versatile tool designed to enhance the social media integration of your WordPress website. It offers a range of features to simplify social sharing and engagement. With Jetpack, you can easily add social sharing buttons to your posts and pages, making it effortless for visitors to share your content across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The plugin also provides insights into social media traffic, helping you understand how your content is performing on different platforms. Additionally, it offers tools for automated social media posting, allowing you to schedule and share your content at optimal times. Overall, Jetpack’s social media plugin streamlines the process of promoting and managing your website’s presence on social networks, making it a valuable asset for WordPress site owners.

Free plugin


Novashare is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify social sharing on websites. It works by providing easy-to-implement social sharing buttons that can be added to posts and pages. Once installed and configured, Novashare allows website owners to choose which social networks they want to display sharing buttons for, customize the appearance and placement of these buttons, and track social sharing statistics. When a visitor clicks on one of the buttons, it prompts them to share the content on their chosen social media platform, increasing the content’s visibility. Novashare also includes performance optimization features, ensuring that social sharing buttons don’t slow down the website. Overall, Novashare streamlines the process of encouraging and tracking social sharing on WordPress websites, enhancing their reach and engagement.

Starting price: $24.95/year

Social snap

The Social Snap plugin for WordPress is a versatile tool that enhances the social sharing capabilities of your website. Once installed and configured, it integrates social media buttons and features seamlessly into your content. Users can easily share your posts, pages, or media on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, by clicking on the intuitive sharing icons. The plugin offers customization options, allowing you to choose button styles, placements, and even track social share statistics. Additionally, it provides the ability to add social follow buttons to encourage visitors to connect with your social profiles. Social Snap simplifies the process of promoting your content across social media, helping you engage with your audience and expand your online presence.

Starting price: $39/year

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Social Warfare

Known for its elegant design and customizable features, Social Warfare is a popular WordPress plugin designed to enhance social sharing and engagement on websites. It works by providing users with a set of customizable social sharing buttons that can be easily integrated into WordPress posts and pages. These buttons allow visitors to quickly share content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, increasing the reach and visibility of the site’s content. Social Warfare also offers features like share counts, Click-to-Tweet functionality, and the ability to set specific images and descriptions for social sharing. The plugin empowers website owners to optimize their content for social media, making it easier for audiences to share and interact with their posts, ultimately driving more traffic and engagement.

Starting price: $29/year

Shared Counts

Simple and lightweight, with various button styles, the Shared Counts social media plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool that enhances social sharing functionality on websites. This plugin allows website owners to easily display social sharing buttons on their posts and pages, enabling visitors to share content across various social media platforms. Shared Counts works by providing customizable sharing buttons that can be added to specific locations on a website, such as above or below content, in widgets, or within the post itself. It also tracks and displays the share counts for each social platform, giving users valuable insight into the popularity of their content. This plugin simplifies the sharing process for both site owners and visitors, making it a valuable addition to any WordPress website seeking to increase its social media presence and engagement.

AddToAny Share Buttons

Offers a wide range of social networks and customization options, the AddToAny plugin for WordPress is a powerful tool that enhances social sharing capabilities on websites. It works by providing website owners with a simple and customizable sharing bar that can be added to their posts or pages. When a visitor clicks on one of the social media icons within the bar, it enables them to easily share the content across various social networks, email, and other platforms. The plugin also offers analytics to track sharing activity. AddToAny simplifies the process of expanding the reach of your content by making it user-friendly and accessible for sharing across the web, ultimately helping to increase the visibility and engagement of your WordPress website.

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Monarch Social Sharing:

Comes with stylish social sharing buttons and various display options,The Monarch social plugin for WordPress is a robust tool designed to enhance social sharing and engagement on websites. It operates by offering a variety of customizable social sharing buttons and icons that can be strategically placed throughout a WordPress site, typically near content such as articles or images. When visitors interact with these buttons by clicking, liking, or sharing content to their social media profiles, Monarch tracks these actions and provides analytics to the website owner. This data helps site administrators understand which content is resonating most with their audience and which social platforms are driving the most traffic. Monarch also allows for sleek, modern designs to match a site’s aesthetics and supports various social networks, making it a powerful tool for increasing a website’s social presence and reach.

Starting price: $89/year

Easy Social Share Buttons:

The Social Share Button plugin for WordPress simplifies the process of adding social sharing functionality to your website. Once installed and activated, it typically integrates with your posts and pages, allowing visitors to easily share your content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Users can usually customize the appearance and placement of the share buttons to align with their website’s design. These plugins often offer options to display share counts, track analytics, and may even provide additional features like automatic sharing to scheduled posts. Overall, the ease of use of social share button plugins makes it convenient for both website owners and visitors to promote and share content across social networks.

Additionally, consider your specific requirements, such as design preferences, social networks you want to support, and any additional features you need when choosing the best social media plugin for your WordPress site.

In conclusion, integrating social media plugins into a WordPress website can significantly enhance its functionality and engagement. These plugins provide a seamless way to connect with a wider audience, share content, and increase the visibility of your website on various social platforms. By leveraging the power of social media, WordPress users can effectively promote their content, build a loyal following, and drive more traffic to their site. However, it’s essential to choose the right plugins that align with your goals and ensure that they are regularly updated and optimized for performance and security. When used strategically, social media plugins can be a valuable asset in expanding your online presence and reaching new heights in the digital realm.

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