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The darkness breaks..

A starry night, sky full of stars, breaking the darkness in random way, scattered here and there, like a puzzle that remains to be solved. I sit on a mountain top watching them in a constant stare. Wondering how beautiful it is, even in darkness there is light, light that is so far yet it reaches our eyes.The vastness of universe that is uncomprehisible, the space within that is unimaginable and time that is undefinable.

On the canvas of the night sky, the stars appear to be closely placed to each other. For some clusters of stars we can draw lines connecting them to each other that eventually reveals a definite shape. This makes me think that there’s meaning in everything, we only need to look for it with the right perspective. Like the numerous stars scattered here and there in the sky, we have numerous thoughts in our minds that need observance. We need to see them in right perspective to draw meaning out them. Which indeed is a better step towards a meaningful life.

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