The basics of tantra

“Tan” means body and “tra” means tool to expand the body. Body is the basic requirements of the tantra and it is the religion of the tantra. Reverence, respect to the body is important because it is the body that keeps you grounded to reality. Harming your own body is disrespecting God. Our body is a temple and it needs to be loved, revered and respected. It is the greatest creation, the universe ever created.

Why tantra is in progressive path

The progressive path in spirituality is accompanied by vedanta, yoga and tantra. Rising above duality is tantra. Tantra teaches us to transform us within good, bad, ugly as well as beautiful. Good and bad are limitations in life, it restricts our self awareness and identifying our true identity. Osho said that there is no good and bad but there are only two types of people in the world- wise and stupid. A wise person will never harm other or themselve but only a stupid can.

The principle of tantra is the path in which we fall give rise to the path in which we rise. Tantra considers every negative and positive traits of human as the entry point to purify body and soul. The negative traits are considered as shadows part of human while the positive part is the light aspect of human. One needs to work on the shadow aspect to transform it to a light aspect.

In tantric practice, if lust, greed, anger arises in mind, one needs to melt within the feeling. There is no force to control anger, lust, greed or any other negative qualities. Only thing to contemplate is the negative traits should not surpass the awareness and consciousness of a being.

Tantra is the ultimate freedom and liberation of oneself. It is the core that holds you till you transform but one remains grounded, conscious and stop seeking happiness from external world. It transforms us to find our true identity.

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