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Places to visit in Rajamundry

Rajamundry was founded in 11th century by Raja Raja Narendra. The city is the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh and situated on the east coast of Godavari river. In 1449, Rajahmundry was captured by Kapileshvara, an oriya ruler. It was captured by British in 1757. It is a major transportation hub and is a centre of rice, salt and lumber. Here are the places to visit in Rajamundry.

Papi Hills:

One of the most delightful experience in Rajamundry is the picturesque Papi hills. The breath taking destination is nestled with lush greenary, hills, river and waterfall. The beautiful hills  mounded with greenery , the serene water and the gentle sound of waterfall makes it a heavenly paradise for visitors. Papi Hills also offers an excellent opportunity for fishing and trekking. The immersing beauty of the massive Papi Hill is a must visit in Rajamundry.


Kadiyapulanka is the village rich in horticulture and floriculture. The village has many nurseries that exports a wide variety of  flowers like rose, jasmine, lilies and chrysanthemums.Ornamental plants like arclias, song of India and archaria are also grown here. Every January the village held a flower show that amaze the visitors with colorful flowers.

Godavari Boat Travels

Boating on the serene waves of Godavari  river is a feast to the soul of the visitors. The massive Godavari is lined with hills, lush greenery and scenic beauty that dazzles the tourists with its charm. The boats provide the best facilities to make a comfortable stay in water. The boats even touches those region that are still untouched by human. There are different packages offered by different travel agencies.

Kotilingeswara Temple

Spreaded across a sprawling 15 acres of land, Kotilingeswara temple is an ancient temple known for its architecture brilliance. Presided by Lord Shiva, the 33m Shiva is the tallest Shiva deity in the world. It is believed that there are one crore Shiva Linga though the exact count is still not known. Legends say that Ravana offered prayer o Lord Shiva in this temple. The temple has many batthing ghats and attracts many tourists on festivals.

Rallabandi Subbarao Government Museum

Constructed in 1967, this is one of the well maintained museum that has a rarest collections of coins, sculptures and ancient palm-leaf manuscripts. The pottery items is an excellent illustration of craftsmanship. The museum is rich in cultural storage and displays the cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh

Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple,Pattiseema:

Sri Verrabhadra Swany temple  is one of the finest temple of Pattiseema. The temple that lies on the hillock of the bed of Godavari river erected by Reddy Raju Kings in 12th century. The temple is engraved with graceful sculptures rich in cultural heritage and considered one of the five kshetras. The location of the temple is amazing and is an excellent site for shutterbugs .

Markandeya Temple

Markendya temple is an ancient temple which was constructed again in 1818. The ruin of the temple was believed to be a mosque but later the archaeological survey confirmed the ruins as reminiscent of temple. the ttemple is presided by Lord Shiva and attracts many devotees from the city

Dowleswaram Barrage

The Dowleswaram barrage is an irrigation structure constructed by  Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton. The barrage is constructed at the downside of river Godavari before it joins with Bay of Bengal. The Barrage played a significant role in agriculture. The barren lands that  suffered from femine  was averted to fertile due to the barrage. A cotton museum is also constructed in memory of Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton.

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