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Places to visit in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur is the city of magnificent temples and monuments. It is located along the bank of the rapti river. Gorakhpur was the kingdom of Koshal. The city is associated with Lord Buddha and also with Lord Mahaveer. The chaat, Kanji Bada, gol gappe, raj Kachori, bhel puri, etc. are the street foods that one can surely enjoy on his voyage to Gorakhpur. Here are the few places to visit in Gorakhpur.

Goraknath temple:

The Goraknath temple is a major holy sightseeing place in the city of Gorakhpur. Located in the heart of the city, Goraknath temple is named after the great sage, Goraknath, who travelled across India and authored a number of texts which is widely accepted by Nath Sampraday. The Goraknath temple exhibits the samadhi shrine of Goraknath and the seat where Goraknath performed prayer and yoga. The revered temple is also associated with an artifical pond in the center. Every year food is distributed to thousand of devotees during celebration of Makar Sankranti in the temple.

Archaeological Museum:

The archaeological museum with a collection of ample artifacts is one of the eye catcher in Gorakhpur. Erected in 1957, the museum eventually managed by Department of Ancient Indian History, Archeology & Culture of the Gorakhpur University. The museum is also always engaged with  a large number of onlookers. The museum is a hub of several historical artifacts like sculptures, photographs, stamps,stone tools, beads, coins and casts of coins.

Gita Press

Gita press is the world”s largest press for publishing hindu and religious books. The main motto of the press is to spread Hinduism. The press significantly published multiple number of books that holds a significant position in Hindu mythology.  Holy Gita, Mahabharata, ramayana, Puranas, Upanishad are some of the significant hindu books published by Gita press.

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Railway Museum

The railway museum and the attached amusement park is a major attraction in the city. the main attraction is the steam engine of Lord Lawrence that is manufactured in London and imported in India. The steam engine of Lord Lawrence is the first engine used in Indian railway. The museum also comprises a hall that is bedecked with photo gallery, uniforms, old clocks and even other engines. A toy train in amusement park is for enjoyment of children.

Nehru Park

Located iN laldiggi locality in Gorakhpur, Nehru park is one of the relaxing location to attract a large number of tourist. In 2005, a memorial was built in memory of freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil. The serenity and greenary of the park also makes it a perfect picnic spot. The lush green lawns with multi colored light gives a poise look to the park.

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